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How To Fix a Struggling Relationship With Your Spouse

If you have found that the recent quarantine period has affected your relationship with your spouse - you are not alone. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to spend the vast majority of our day in the same surroundings with the same person, meaning that our relationships are well and truly being put to the test. Although some couples have used this time together to resolve any issues they may have had before the pandemic, many are finding it hard to work on their marriage in such a high-pressured

3 Reasons to Believe in Your Children

As much as you likely love your child or children, do you always believe in them? Although that may sound like a strange question, it really isn’t all that strange when you stop and think about it. Many children will go out of their way to try and impress their parents, doing whatever it takes to get attention. In many cases, those attention efforts are placed in the right direction. It can be efforts such as going the extra mile with their school studies, being involved in sports

The Single Mommy – Online Dating

Being a single parent can bring many challenges, but for many who find themselves alone looking after their children, dating can often be the last thing on your mind. There are a minefield of questions many people have when it comes to dating as a single parent, can you arrange dates around childcare, do you tell dates outright you have children, when do you introduce a new partner children. But then for those who have not dated for a number of year, there is a whole host of other questions to

Is online mature dating safe?

When we talk about dating, a lot of people assume that it is an activity reserved to young people, but this is far from being the truth. In fact there are many of us who are still single in our later years. This can be for many different reasons: we might not have ever found the right person for us, or some of us have lost our previous partner. Either way, there are many people in their 50’s who are looking around for love and companionship, and there is no reason why those people shouldn’t