3 Reasons to Believe in Your Children

There are many Reasons to Believe in Your Children

Photo by CC user lupuca on Flickr

As much as you likely love your child or children, do you always believe in them?

Although that may sound like a strange question, it really isn’t all that strange when you stop and think about it.

Many children will go out of their way to try and impress their parents, doing whatever it takes to get attention.

In many cases, those attention efforts are placed in the right direction. It can be efforts such as going the extra mile with their school studies, being involved in sports or other extracurricular activities in school, volunteering for different groups, and even just helping out at home and/or in the neighborhood.

That said there are also times when some kids will go out of their way in the wrong direction.

From acting up in school to being a problem child at home, some children go about seeking attention for all the wrong reasons.

Believing in your child because he or she is doing their best to be a great kid should be the norm.

Sure, they will fail at times, but you also undoubtedly fail at times when it comes to parenting.

So, what types of things make you believe in your child these days more than ever?

Children Seeking Attention for All the Right Reasons

While there should be myriad of reasons for you to believe in your child, here are three that should rise to near or the top of the list:

  1. Truth – If you’ve taught your child well over the years, he or she should never have a problem when it comes to the truth. As an example, what if your child said they saw a vision of Jesus Christ or even the appearance of the Virgin Mary? Would you be rather skeptical? Would your initial response be to automatically doubt them? Lastly, would you call into question whether they were being truthful with you or not? Although kids will certainly play some mind games with their parents growing up, many just want you to take them as a credible individual, be it a young one at that. If your child said they witnessed and/or heard something that sounds rather questionable at first, do not automatically discount them. Sit down and talk the event over with them, seeing if in fact their story could very well be true;
  2. Acceptance – Like just about any other child out there, your child wants to be accepted not only by his or her family, but also their friends etc. As such, believe in them when they start picking from that latter group. Who your child befriends as they’re growing up is a big part of their lives. Sure, they may pick a few bad apples here and there, but give them the space necessary to figure that out on their own. Accepting your son and/or daughter’s friends is very important to your children. Over time, they could be building bonds that will last them a lifetime, so encourage that.

What Does Your Child’s Future Hold?

  1. Future – Unless you’re a parent just going through the motions of being a parent (you had a child you really did not plan on, you are divorced from your spouse and rarely see or talk to your children etc.), you want what is best for them now and down the line. With that in mind, charting a course for their future success oftentimes begins with you. Yes, your child will have to get out into the real world at some point and make his or her own decisions, but those decisions can be greatly influenced by how they were raised at home. To do your best to set them up for success now and in the future, be an active participant in their life. While you should never smother them with attention, take an interest in all the things your child or any child for that matter does. When your son or daughter sees you truly do care about them now and in the future, they’re on course for a wonderful life.

With that in mind, do you truly believe in your child when all is said and done?