5 Earring Trends You Need to Be “That Girl”

Are you a woman who lives and breathes fashion? Do you consider earrings not just an accessory but a statement? If this is you, there are a couple of earring trends you should know about and add to your jewelry box. In this guide, we highlight how to upgrade your earring game following some trends and aesthetics we’ve seen in the fashion world lately. Sit back, read and learn how you can nail the look of an “it girl” through your earring choice.

Statement Gold Earrings

Gold is a main character in the jewelry world, and it is never going out of style. This season is all about statement gold earrings to add boldness and glamor to your look. The best part? Statement gold earrings come in different styles, like chunky hoops, geometric shapes, and intricate designs. In other words, there’s a statement gold earring to suit every taste. Wear them in the day with your casuals or in the evening for your parties. Either way, no eye is going to miss your beautiful earrings.

Earring Mismatch

If you like being creative or challenging the norm, the trend of wearing mismatched earrings is for you! We’ve seen some fashion icons ditching their symmetrical pairs for mismatched earrings to create an eccentric and confident look.

How does it work? Wear different earrings on your left and right ear. For instance, you can wear a chunky gold hoop on one ear and a patterned acrylic earring on the other for your informal events. For a formal look, stick to one metal or color to create an electric look. One of our favorite mismatched earring trends is wearing a drop earring on one ear and a stud on the other.

Gemstone Earrings

From classic pearls to vibrant emeralds and polished sapphires, gemstones add a pop of color and character to your look. Gemstones are also a versatile choice, and they come in different styles like studs and drop earrings. Colorful, sophisticated, and symbolic; gemstones enhance self-expression and style.

Multiple Piercings

Why have a single piercing when you can have two or three or more? One piercing is cute, but multiple piercings help you create an earring constellation. One of the latest trends at the moment is building an ear stack with hoops, studs, huggies, dropping earrings, and other pieces. If you are not sure you want another piercing, we have a trick for you: get magnetic earrings to make an impression of multiple piercings!

Sculptural Earrings

Sculptural earrings create the effect of wearing a work of art on your ear. They come in bold and exciting designs that often mimic artistic elements like abstract shapes, architectural designs, and even nature. Whatever style or design you go for, these avant-garde accessories are sure to make a statement known among the it girls.

Bottom Line

Earrings have evolved, and exploring different styles and trends not only help you create a unique look but also allows for self-expression. Whether you decide to explore statement gold earrings or gemstones, you are sure to give off the aura of “that girl” with the aesthetics in this guide.

So, which of these earring trends will you be trying?