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Energy Saving Ideas For Your Granny Flat

One of the reasons why granny flats have grown so much in popularity is that they have been caught up with the tiny house trend of minimalist living. This has been widely taken up by many who believe firmly in their responsibility to live a greener lifestyle. Granny flats of course were born from the idea of bringing in elderly relatives to live close to the family, yet over the years they have become popular for other reasons. Granny flat trends come and go but this idea of clean and minimal

Luvanto Vinyl Flooring Gets All The Attention

Luvanto is the luxury flooring brand which is bringing properties across the nation upto a superior standard. But in what ways does Luvanto flooring make our homes superior? To begin with, Luvanto is manufactured to the highest standard. It offers perfectly replicated designs based on natural elements and colour schemes and tones. There is an appreciation throughout the nation for its ability to function to the highest standard in domestic or commercial buildings. The only troublesome aspect

Hacks for Keeping the Bathroom Clean

Bathrooms can become seriously messy, especially if you have children! All it takes is a few toothpaste spills, some used up toilet rolls and conditioner marks on the shower doors, and slowly but surely, the bathroom can get out of hand.  No one wants to spend their spare time cleaning, so this piece will discuss quick and easy hacks that can be done to keep the bathroom clean, so you can spend more time doing the stuff that matters!  Vinegar and Removing Grime  Vinegar is an excellent all-natural

5 Ways to Put Your Personal Stamp on Your Garden

Your garden should be a calming haven in which you venture for stress relief, me-time, and to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It should also be a beautiful space that is completely unique to you, highlighting your personality and preferences. Here is a simple guide to successfully putting your personal stamp on your outdoor space. Create a themed garden patch There are so many stunning garden decorations and ornaments available that can transform your garden in an instant.