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Religious jewellery: the beliefs behind three of the world’s most worn pieces

If you’re not religious, you might think that prayer is something that is just done in a church every Sunday morning. Anybody who has religious beliefs knows that this just isn’t the case. Religion is not restricted to one building or one service a week. For many, their religion and prayer make up a huge part of their daily routine. It often plays a part in what many people wear on a day to day basis. If you’ve always wondered why people wear different types of religious jewellery, here’s

How to Look Put Together Fast

If being a mom during COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that time is of the essence. Somehow, putting ourselves together has never been more difficult, and the fact that we have nowhere to go means we also might not feel the need to bother. That being said, events always seem to be cropping up last minute (such as a Zoom call you completely forgot about), and with everything going on, it is important that we still make ourselves feel like humans, and pry ourselves out of our sweatpants. So,

5 Ways to Update Your Home’s Exterior

Updating your home is a fantastic way to breathe some new life into the place, and usher in a new era. If you’ve been stuck at home during the COVID crisis these last few months, it might have allowed you to make some home improvements, or at the very least, think about how you can spruce up your living space. However, it’s not just about painting walls, retiling your bathroom, building post and beam home kits, or any other interior design projects. Updating the exterior parts of your property

Getting Your Wardrobe Prepared For Spring 2020

With the warmer months of spring now fast approaching, it is a good time to start thinking about your wardrobe and adding clothing that you will need over spring and into summer. The transition into these seasons can be a big change from the cold winter just gone, which is why this is the right time to freshen up your wardrobe and to make sure that you will both look and feel your best over the coming months. There are a few tips which will help you to do this effectively and to make sure that you