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6 Effective Ways to Talk to Your Kids About the Dangers of Alcohol

Often teens and kids start to learn about alcohol either because their parents have it at home or because professionals come and talk to them about it in school. While there is nothing wrong with occasional responsible drinking, when teenagers and kids are exposed to unhealthy alcohol consumption, it can increase their risk of consuming alcohol in the same way. It’s important to have uncomfortable conversations with your kids starting when they are old enough to understand so that they can

Why do the people in these days enjoy sauna?

No one has frequented saunas for health and pleasure more than Finns throughout the years. In Finland, 90% of the population uses a sauna at least once every week. Additionally, people around the world, especially in the United States, are starting to include "saunaing" (yes, that is a real word!) into their daily lives as they become more aware of the beauty and health benefits of saunas. Saunas are used by people in their homes, spas, and the change rooms of fitness facilities. The sauna is

The Low pH Cleansing Ball for Better Skin – Ongredients

Ongredients, the slightly acidic cleanser with great cleansing power, has launched on Kickstarter. Slightly acidic pH soap products have been catching our eye lately. The reason: pH levels of 5.5 to 5.8 are supposedly good for balancing the moisture and oil levels of your skin, keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. If your skin is too alkaline, it can become overly sensitive, leading to skin that is prone to blemishes. But, if your skin is too acidic, then you’ll notice your skin

Bebe Foot Glass – The 100% Glass Foot Filer – Available Now on Kickstarter

Bebe Foot Glass, the foot filer made from unbreakable glass, launched February 22nd on Kickstarter. Bebe Foot Glass is an innovation in personal care, equipped with hard and soft glass for foot care at the top, and a nail shiner for your manicure needs at the bottom. Bebe Foot Glass uses a unique glass pattern that lets you care for dry feet without having to soak them in water first, letting you finish treatment in 1 minute or less. The glass is embossed with a unique micro-pattern that’s