My Strendy Reusable Sandwich Bags Review

I haven’t been writing too many product reviews recently, but there is one which we have recently introduced to our home which is worth shouting about. As any parent will agree, sandwich bags are something which we use on a daily basis to store leftover food, pack up the kids’ lunches and for freezer use. Reusable food bags are super versatile but far too often they break, they stain and they really don’t last the test of time. This is not the case at all with the Strendy reusable plastic bags I picked up, check them out here, a great product and here is why we love them.

Saving Plastic

Something I’m really trying to get the kids to understand is how to be environmentally friendly and we actually used these bags as an example last week when we were talking to our kids about plastic waste. Because of the fact that these bags are reusable, it means that we save using thousands of disposable bags, a great benefit when you get reusable bags which last like these do.

Great Sizing

The packs of Strendy bags which you buy come with a mixture of sizes which is super handy for all of your needs. Whether you are storing a lasagna in the freezer and need a large bag, or popping some chopped up carrots for your kids lunch, these reusable lunch baggies are great for whatever you need to  put in there.

Easy Seal

A  bone of contention which I have had with so many reusable bags in the past is that the seals break so quickly. So far we have been using these Strendy bags for around 3 months and having been through numerous washes, the seals still hold just as tight and firm as when we bought them. Contrary to past experiences, these bags will not open up in your backpack and get sauce all over your books!

Range of Options

These bags really are the best for food storage because not only do they come in many handy sizes, but they are ideal for all uses, including the freezer. I’ve had issues in the past when I have bagged up some food to put in the freezer because after a while the bags have opened and you end up getting freezer burn on the food. Because these bags are strong and made with durable plastic, they can easily deal with the cold temperatures of the freezer.

Easy Clean

As I mentioned at the top of the article, so many sandwich bags which claim to be reusable just aren’t and washing them can be a real chore. This is absolutely not the case with the Strendy bags however, they can be wiped clean really quickly and they don’t have any lingering smells or stains. Just don’t put them in the dishwater or the microwave!

For me, Strendy reusable sandwich bags which I have used and they meet all of our family’s needs, a great product.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Strendy bags, more product reviews coming soon!