Teaching Your Kids How To Participate In Household Chores

In a world full of distractions like iPads and Nintendo Switches, your children are probably glued to their screens. This rings especially true when it comes time for them to pitch in and clean up the house. If you’ve had to drag them away from watching Steven Universe or playing Breath of the Wild when you needed help with the chores, it’s time you take a more direct approach. Take some time to go over the following tips with your kids. This quick guide can help you instill a sense of responsibility in your children, so they clean up first before they play.

Be open with why you’re asking them to clean up

Your kids are notorious for how many ‘why’ questions they can ask in a row. Naturally curious, your children want to know why things are the way they are. Telling them they need to clean “because you said so” isn’t going to inspire them to organize their bedrooms. Tell them why you want them to help and explain why you’re frustrated when they don’t. Try relating your feelings to scenarios when they’ve felt similar emotions, so they can understand where you’re coming from. You can also let them know you’ll have more time to be with them if they share their duties.

Incentivize their task

While promising a scary punishment should they fail to help is one way to get them moving, it’s not the best way to convince them to keep things tidy. A reward is often much more effective as a motivator when it comes to chores they don’t want to do. Your job is to figure out what reward will motivate them the best. Some great ways to keep them on track include:

  • Letting them choose what they eat for dinner one night a week
  • Taking them to see a movie in the theatre, like Black Panther
  • Allowing them to visit their friends after school
  • Buying them stickers or treats from the dollar store

Gamify their chores

Tapping into sibling rivalry is an easy way to get your kids moving. Simply set up a friendly competition to see who can clean up their toys, tidy their room, or clear the table the fastest. Depending on how competitive they are, they may not need a reward for coming first place; bragging rights are enough. If you only have one child — or if you’d rather not pour gasoline on the fire that is their competitive relationship —  you can download a household chore app that makes cleaning fun. Take a look at the best chore apps to see what works best for your kids. Most of them keep track of their chores and reward completed tasks with points.

Have a backup plan

Though for the most part, teaching your kids the importance of cleaning up will help you, sometimes your children will create even bigger messes when trying to help. Expect to hit some speed bumps at first, especially if your kids are very young. The youngest might break dishes as they clean up from dinner, necessitating you to take a trip you weren’t expecting to Walmart or IKEA for a new set.

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Many hands make light work — it’s a popular phrase because it’s true. When your kids pitch in with chores, you won’t have to clean up on your own any more — which means you might just have more time to relax together!