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My Strendy Reusable Sandwich Bags Review

I haven't been writing too many product reviews recently, but there is one which we have recently introduced to our home which is worth shouting about. As any parent will agree, sandwich bags are something which we use on a daily basis to store leftover food, pack up the kids' lunches and for freezer use. Reusable food bags are super versatile but far too often they break, they stain and they really don't last the test of time. This is not the case at all with the Strendy reusable plastic bags I

How to Make Chores for Adults Fun Again

When we give our kids chores to do, we do all we can to inject a little fun into proceedings to make it a little easier on them. Why then do us adults not do the same thing when it is our turn to do the chores? After all chores are never fun so if we get a little creative when doing jobs around the house we can make it easier on ourselves and have some fun with these boring tasks. Here are some tips on how you can make chores for adults fun again. Race If doing chores with your partner add