Quick tips to make your small home seem bigger


Most of us don’t live in a big home, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up and accept the small living space. No one likes feeling cramped; we want our tiny rooms to at least feel huge. To help on that front, here are some quick tips for making an area appear bigger than it actually is.

Show some floor space. The more floor visible, the better, and that’s according to most designers. You can start with this by getting chairs, tables, and other furnishings with skinny legs. Don’t make use of furniture that extends all the way to the ground, such as a cabinet or a full-length slipcover on a sofa.

Let light go in. Dark colors make furniture look heavy and walls feel like they are closing in. Therefore, stick with light hues whenever possible. This also works for your floor and ceiling. Light-colored flooring such as light creamy or oak carpet can make rooms appear brighter and more open. It also applies to the ceiling, make use a light color or white to open up the space above.

Utilize double-purpose furniture. Because less clutter and furniture can create a sense of spaciousness, ensure that the few pieces of furniture you have serve multiple purposes. A simple ottoman with a flat top, for instance can be used as a coffee table as well as spare seating, and some even have extra storage space inside.

Prefer low furniture.Make use of pieces that are lower to the ground to make more space above them so you don’t get the feeling that things are looming over you or crowding in a room. Mid-Century Modern is perfect for this. Scandinavian and Asian designs can pull this off well, especially in the bedroom, wherein using a low platform bed makes a spacious difference.

Minimize curtain use.Most drapes and curtains halt the eye, take up precious space, and keep the view of the great outdoors from coming in to the house. They also tend to lessen light, which is crucial to making small rooms look larger. Consider light-weight blinds, the same shade as the wall as they allow light in and are inconspicuous when raised.

Take advantage of curves. Go for curves when choosing a furniture, a circular table or sofa with a rounded back. Compared to sharp edges and straight lines, curves instantly create a better movement around these items. This flow also exudes a sense of space, plus there’s less bumping into sharp corners as well.

But I also have a big family

Well, in that case, simply doing the steps above to make your home look bigger will not benefit much your big or still growing family. If a house extension isn’t possible, it may be time to start looking for a new home. Check out the House & Land Packages in Australia by Lendlease to see homes that may fit your family’s space needs.

You can apply these tips without incurring any large costs and these also don’t need much effort to accomplish. Don’t worry your home is on the small side since these simple adjustments may transform your home’s look and make it feel much bigger.