The top 7 tips for a perfect lawn

These tips for a perfect lawn will transform yours

Photo by CC user seanhobson on Flickr

The lawn is the centrepiece of your garden. A lush, green lawn can make the whole garden look bright and alive, while a dry, patchy lawn will instantly make your garden look dull. However, most people simply aren’t sure how to look after their lawn. Other than mowing it every couple of weeks, they might not think much about its upkeep. Here are a few tips for a great lawn, and how you can keep it looking good all year round.

  1. Use herbicide for weeds

Weeds such as dandelions soon ruin the look of a lawn. However, normal weed killer also runs the risk of killing the actual grass. Look for specialist products that eliminate the weeds, but will keep the grass intact. You can also pull out the biggest weeds by hand.

  1. Don’t cut grass too short

Cutting grass too short will damage the grass, and is one of the causes of weeds. Newer models of lawnmowers allow you to set your grass height, allowing you to just take off the top third. Mowing frequently, and keeping the grass at a decent length will encourage the grass to grow thicker, giving you a lush lawn.

  1. Don’t cut damp grass

Cutting damp grass will make it patchy, and when it dries, areas of the lawn will die off. If it has been raining, or you use reticulation on your lawn, then ensure it’s well dried before you mow.

  1. Water evenly and often

Overwatering your lawn can cause it to die, but not enough water will dry it up. Look at the systems on and you’ll notice that allow for regular, even watering, with low effort. They can easily be adjusted, and timers set to ensure you never miss a watering.

  1. Sharpen your mower blades

There are lots of jobs that need to be done around the garden, from cleaning the gutters to retic repair. However, one thing that many gardeners forget is to sharpen their mower blades. Dull blades can tear at the grass, causing patches and killing off your lawn. Sharp blades will ensure a neat finish.

  1. Find the right fertiliser

Nutrients such as nitrogen can feed your lawn, so look for specialist lawn care products with this as an ingredient. Feed your lawn during the colder months for the best results. When your lawn is dormant during the summer months, feeding it won’t be as effective.

  1. Sow seeds

If you’ve neglected your lawn and noticed it’s a little patchy, then a handful of grass seeds are all that’s needed to improve the thickness of your lawn. This is best done just before spring, which will help your lawn look better during the dry summer months.

If your lawn is looking a little neglected, then there are ways to restore it to its former glory. Lawncare doesn’t take long, and can make a big difference to your garden, whether you prefer to relax or play during the warmer months.