5 Ways to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

The kitchen in the one room in the house where functionality and practicality rule, and if space is limited, it can make things a little cramped. Any well-designed kitchen would be laid out with function in mind, and the more space you have to work with, the easier it is. If your kitchen is lacking in the space category, here are a few ideas to create a feeling of spaciousness.



  • Use Low Contrast Colours – If you can stick to the same colour family with a little variation, this will make the room look and feel larger. Light colours, preferably white will also add a level of light to the room and this will make your kitchen feel roomier. If you are in Western Australia, and are looking for kitchen renovations in Perth, you really couldn’t do any better than http://www.kitchencapital.com.au/, who have won many awards for their excellent designs and installations across the state. With their expertise, even a small kitchen can be very efficient, and being customer focused, you can be sure of a perfect installation.
  • Geometric Floor Patterns – A narrow kitchen can really benefit from an elongated geometric pattern on the floor tiles, as this gives the room the illusion of being wider than it actually is. You might want to consider a vertically striped pattern on one or two of the walls, as this will also make the room look longer, and by holding up pieces of patterned paper, you will get a feel of how it will look before you actually go ahead and make the purchase.
  • Shiny Surfaces – These will make the kitchen look and feel a little bigger, and this can be achieved using reflective mirrors, or stainless steel, while glass can also help to elongate the room. If possible, a glossy floor will really add some space appeal, and with a combination of satin and matt finishes on the units, you can create a unique ambience.
  • Open Shelving – This is an old trick used by kitchen designers who have limited space, and it does work. Open shelving looks and feels more spacious than boxed in units, and by using toughened glass, your shelving will be an attractive addition to the décor. Alternatively, pine shelving adds a bright touch, and by hanging various kitchen implements, you can save a lot of space.
  • Maintain Clean Lines – This can be achieved by ensuring that things like coffee machines and blenders are put away in the right places, and with less break up, the room will seem a lot larger. Small fitted cupboards can store all your small appliances, and with a little careful planning, you can make the best use of available space.

One of the biggest challenges for a kitchen designer is limited space, and if it isn’t possible to extend, then talk to an experienced kitchen supplier who will be able to maximise the use of space and provide you with the ideal kitchen.