How To Keep Pet Stains and Odors Out of Your Home

Most pet owners can agree that after some time, their homes end up with stains and unpleasant odors. Although this is perfectly normal, pet stench is often quite unpleasant. Their stains are also difficult to remove, especially when they’re on the carpet or furniture. This article talks about the various ways of removing tough stains and strong odors from your home.

  • Wash all fabric

One of the best ways to eliminate pet odor and stains is by washing all the fabric they may have come into contact with. For instance, you can start with pillowcases, cushions, and bed covers. Machine wash all these pieces of fabric if you want your home to smell better and all the stains removed.

  • Wash your pets sleeping area

Where your pet sleeps is most likely the smelliest place, since this is typically their main resting place. You’ll definitely find that most pets’ beds contain a lot of urine, fur, poop, and dirt. This can be unbearable especially if they sleep inside the house. Thoroughly wash the bed covers using a stain repellant and don’t forget to use a pet-friendly disinfectant.

  • Sweep and mop your floor

In most instances, odors or stains usually come from your pet’s fur, urine, or fecal matter on the floor. Make sure that you sweep their entire personal space, then mop it clean using a pet-safe floor cleaning detergent.

  • Clean all carpets

After cleaning your floor, vacuum your carpets too. Carpets are usually dust and dirty magnets and definitely one of the main stain and odor furnishings. The next step is to use a steam cleaner to remove any odors or stains on your carpet’s fibers.

  • Purchase an air purifier

Another method of getting rid of bad odor and allowing fresh air into your home is through purchasing an air purifier. It actually does wonders by simply eliminating all animal stench by eliminating all the bacteria and fungi in the air. Ensure that your air purifier is pet-friendly to prevent any respiratory illnesses.

  • Use a sealing paint

You’ll find that after some time, your pet’s urine stains are all over the house especially if you have more than one pet. Your best bet at this point is to purchase an odor-sealing paint. It usually comes in handy especially when you want to get rid of urine smell and stains on your drywall, wooden furniture, or floors.

  • Good pet grooming habits

When you clean your pets more often, you’ll definitely prevent them from smelling. In the case of dogs, it’s always advisable to give them a bath at least once per week. Also, ensure that you wash them using natural shampoos to keep them clean also smelling fresh.


By following all the above stain and odor removal tips, you’ll definitely create a clean environment for both you and your pets. On the other hand, if you want amazing offers, check out the link description for dog door for small dogs.