7 Easy Ways to Reduce your Pet Ownership Costs


Reduce your Pet Ownership Costs

Reports say that dogs can cost anywhere from 16,000 to 31,000 pounds to own over their lifetime. The costs depend in part on how large the animal is since this will impact how much it will cost to feed them. Cats, on the other hand, cost about half that much. However, they are ways that anyone can reduce the expected costs of taking care of a pet and make ownership more sustainable. Here are seven easy ways to reduce your pet ownership costs.

Go Generic

Food is one of the biggest expenses for pet owners. One solution is going for generic, unbranded dog food. Their ingredients are often the same quality as any other brand but cost only a fraction of the price. 

You shouldn’t try to feed your pet leftovers either since this food is often not compatible with your pet’s digestive tract. Instead, divide their daily allowance into two or three portions after determining how much they should be fed based on body weight. By giving them food two and three times a day, they are less likely to be begging because they’re hungry.

Buy in Bulk

You can save money buying items like flea treatments, cat litter, and pet food in bulk. This could save you as much as 50% of the purchase price. However, this tactic depends on having space for the item. If you can take advantage of it, you could save as much as 500 pounds a year on dog food for a large dog and 300 pounds per year on cat food. If you can’t buy in bulk, at least look for pet food on sale.

Get Insurance

Insurance for pets is one of the wisest investments you can make as an owner. Taking out pet insurance can save pet owners a lot of money and give reassurance that they know what their pet is and isn’t covered for. Don’t forget as well as dog insurance, there’s also insurance for cats. 

In general, pet insurance won’t cover the initial shots the pet needs, however, pet insurance can save you a lot of money when injuries and illness occur. Services like Everypaw, for instance, have coverage for both chronic illness or unfortunate accidents. Their plans can cover you if you have to deal with a steep vet bill without paying more than you have to. You can learn more about their plans at https://www.everypaw.com/.

Look for Bargains in Pet Care

Instead of putting your dog in a kennel when you travel, you could try to plan your trip so that your pets can be included. Alternatively, ask friends and family to take turns taking care of the pet. If that’s not an option, you can hire a house-sitter who will take care of the animal. On a related note, try to perform a number of pet grooming services yourself. You could try to clip your pet’s nails yourself, for instance. Or brush their fur instead of taking them to a groomer.

Curb the Impulse to Pamper the Pet

Don’t go overboard on expensive pet bling. Your dog may need a coat when it is cold, but they don’t care about the designer brand name on the label. They need toys, but they don’t care about doggie birthday parties or receiving half a dozen toys as presents at Christmas. Stick to the essentials and be practical about it.

Pets love novelty, but you can give them the illusion of this by rotating their toys out so that they see a toy they haven’t played with in six months. To them, it is new. Add one new one to the collection when you throw out a worn-out toy. A side benefit of rotating out the toys is that the toys will last longer. And remember that toys to the dog or cat can be almost anything. You can make your own toys from string and socks. Know that you can find replacement toys and bedding at a charity shop.

Train Your Dog

Whether you work on training the dog or pay a dog trainer, consider this an investment. A better-trained dog is easier to walk. They’re less likely to run away from you and get hit by a car, resulting in steep medical bills. If you still want to save money in this area, attend group classes.

Adopt Instead of Buying

It is always cheaper to adopt a dog or cat than buy it from a breeder. You’re removing the burden from pet charities, and you get the pet for free. The pet will probably have all of their shots and may already be neutered. If you’re looking for a dog to buy, mixed breeds are a great choice. They’ll probably be healthier than a pedigree dog. If you choose a pedigree animal, look for a breed that is cheaper to treat by being less prone to health problems.


There are ways to save on pets without giving them up. If you follow these few tips, you could end up potentially saving thousands on unnecessary expenses.