Hacks for Keeping the Bathroom Clean

Bathrooms can become seriously messy, especially if you have children! All it takes is a few toothpaste spills, some used up toilet rolls and conditioner marks on the shower doors, and slowly but surely, the bathroom can get out of hand. 

No one wants to spend their spare time cleaning, so this piece will discuss quick and easy hacks that can be done to keep the bathroom clean, so you can spend more time doing the stuff that matters! 

Vinegar and Removing Grime 

Vinegar is an excellent all-natural cleaner that can be used in many parts of the house. It uses its acidity to lift dirt and spillages such as shampoo and conditioner marks, grime, build-up left from hard water and mold. 

It has even stronger cleaning power when paired with baking soda, which can be used down drains, for build-up in the toilet or around taps. Together, they also make a great science experiment for children.

Shower Curtain and the Washing Machine

This might be the easiest of all the hacks! Taking down the shower curtain and popping it in the washing machine could not be simpler. A hot wash will help get the mold out and adding bleach in the drum with it will also sanitize and brighten it up, depending on the material.

Bleach Pen and Grout

Getting rid of mold and discolored grout is one of the hardest jobs when it comes to cleaning the bathroom and making it look good as new. After cleaning it thoroughly with some bleach, use a bleach pen to go over all the marks or mold spots in the grout to get it white and gleaming again.

If the grout is too far gone, why not consider a fresh tile design when having to regrout? Sometimes it is easier to start over again and then maintain something from new, and for those who want to start from scratch, it is a great opportunity to freshen up a style.

For ideas about re-designing or replacing parts of the bathroom, use a bathroom design planner to help put some ideas down.

Grapefruit and Salt as a Bath Scrub

A simple way to clean out the bathtub from debris, grime and build-up are to use some grapefruit and salt. Not only will the grapefruit make the bathroom smell amazing, but they are both natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals. It is said that grapefruit holds antibacterial properties and is a safe cleaning agent to children and pets. Simply sprinkle salt on top of half a grapefruit and scrub liberally over the bath. Just be sure to rinse the salt out after!

Vinegar and Newspaper to Clean Mirrors

Hold the fish and chips! Vinegar and a newspaper are all that is needed to clean a mirror free from marks such as toothpaste and water stains. Mirrors can be extremely difficult to clean because they are easy to smudge, so vinegar and newspaper work a treat by buffing away any marks or smudges without making more of them.