7 Unconventional Pets You Can Own (Legally)

Choosing to own a pet is one of the best choices you will ever make. Pets are loyal companions that do so much more than keep us company. Owning a pet has well document health benefits, helping us stay active and social.

But owning a cat or a dog isn’t for everyone. You might be interested in owning a more unusual pet. Here are seven unconventional pets you can own legally.

1. Hedgehogs

Don’t let the spines fool you, hedgehogs make excellent pets. They are very friendly and become very affectionate towards their owners.

Hedgehogs are low maintenance but do need plenty of attention when they are young. Hedgehogs are nocturnal though, so make sure to consider that before buying a hedgehog.

2. Skunk

Skunks probably get a bad wrap because of the stigma about their ability to spray a liquid with a foul smell. But owners can have their pet’s scent glands removed to solve this issue.

You will need to be committed to your new pet though because once you remove the scent glands they cannot be returned to the wild. They make adorable pets with great personalities.

3. Capybara

Rodents have always made great pets. The Capybara is the world’s largest rodent. The Capybara grows up to 4 feet long and over 100 pounds.

To some their size makes them more appealing. But before you buy a Capybara you need to know that they can be high maintenance, will need lots of food, and will need lots of room.

4. Sugar Gliders

The sugar glider may be the cutest pet you could own. Sometimes called pocket pets the sugar glider is a cuddly tiny pet that is playful, loyal, and will perform tricks if trained correctly.

Sugar gliders make excellent pets for families with small children. The only thing you need to know before owning a sugar glider is that these animals are nocturnal and will stay up at night.

5. Miniature Donkey

Miniature donkeys are incredibly cute and child friendly. The biggest challenge with owning a miniature donkey is that you need to own at least two. These pets will suffer badly from loneliness without a friend.

The miniature donkey will also need plenty of room to roam, so make sure you have a large yard at least.

6. Marmoset

Know as the finger monkey, the marmoset is the smallest monkey. These animals have become popular as pets due to their small size and cute faces. Before you rush off to buy a marmoset you should know that monkeys typically do not make great pets.

The marmoset is a very intelligent animal and the habits they learn from a young age stick, so they require a lot of work from an early age. For more on this pet read on here.

7. Tarantula

The Mexican red knee and curly hair tarantulas are awesome pets, but not for the faint-hearted. For those not afraid, spiders can be fascinating. These animals are very low maintenance and have a calm disposition meaning you can handle them and get to know your pet.

Owning Unconventional Pets

Owning unconventional pets is a great idea for anybody or any family. Owning exotic pets can be more complicated than owning a cat or dog. If you follow our guide you’ll be able to find the right pet for you. Before you buy your new pet make sure you check the specific exotic pet laws in your state and follow all legal requirements. If you enjoyed this article check out the rest of our blog.