3 Tips For Preparing Your Urban Garden For Winter

Winter is coming, so it’s time to ask yourself if you have your urban garden ready for the cold? Below, you’ll find some helpful tips to help you prepare your garden for what’s to come in the winter months, and how to take care of yourself in the process.

The Size of Your Garden Plays a Role

Do you just have a few tomato and basil plants on a balcony, or a big rooftop garden you’ve spent years cultivating and brag about to friends on Instagram? The size of your garden plays a significant role in how much you need to prepare and how early.

Start planning just like you would with your Christmas list. Think big picture: track the plants you need to prune when, and make notes about their special care. If you are involved in a community garden, others might be able to help you edit – especially if you grow fruit or vegetables and are experiencing a bumper crop this season. With a rooftop garden, you can enlist the help of family and friends to take care of weeds, dead leaves, and pests. Small plants that you keep on a balcony are generally the easiest to take care of.

Gardening is great for the mind and body, but there are still some considerations you need to make. Sun and wind exposure are two of the biggest challenges urban gardeners face because they are often growing their plants several stories above street level. Keeping this in mind as you prepare your plants for winter’s chill is a must. Consider whether you might need to invest in a sunshade or even bring some of your plants indoors. Having some green growth during the dead of winter is a great way to brighten up any apartment.

Strike a Balance

Even if you find yourself spending a lot of time tending your plants, striking a balance is important. You might even have your kids take over some of the gardening responsibilities. It’s a great way to help them learn biology and could even turn into one of their favorite after-school projects!

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Dress for the Weather

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