What to Do When Your House Becomes Cluttered

It is easy to allow you house, over the course of time, to become cluttered. The rate at which most people accumulate things is surprisingly quick at times, meaning that your house can fill up with items before you know it. 

Some of the things cluttering your house might hold sentimental value making them difficult to part with. Others might be items that you paid a decent amount of money for, so even if you aren’t using them very often (if at all), you might not want to throw them out or sell them for a loss. The good news is that when your house becomes cluttered, particularly with items that you don’t want to part with, there are things you can do to create more space.

Here are a few things that you should do when you notice that your house has become overly cluttered.

Repurpose What You Can

The art of repurposing items is one that is becoming quite popular. It involves taking things that you don’t want to get rid of and altering them in order to make them fit for a new purpose. Not everything that is cluttering your house can be repurposed, but there are a few items that can easily be transformed so that you don’t have to throw out things that matter to you.

For instance, if your dresser drawers are stuffed with old t-shirts that you don’t ever wear but don’t want to throw away, you can have them made into a comfortable blanket that you can use all winter long. This means that you can take all of those concert t-shirts or commemorative shirts that you have collected over the years and have them made into a blanket. You can check out Myt-shirtblanket.com for more information. 

There are a lot of other items that can be repurposed throughout your home. If you really enjoy the process, you might even make it a regular part of your life by repurposing things like empty dish soap bottles and empty coffee cans.

Create More Storage Space

If you have gone through your things and repurposed what you can, you might still find that there are some items that don’t have a proper place. When this happens, the best thing you can do is try to create more storage space. There are some creative storage solutions that you might not have thought of before that can make more space for your clutter.

You can find furniture pieces with built-in storage so that your ottoman can double as storage for extra blankets or books. There are even some very comfortable platform beds that lift up for extra storage underneath. 

There are also steps you can take to utilize the storage space that you already have. Using things like vacuum-seal storage bags, to keep seasonal clothes items or extra bedding, can be a great way of making your things smaller so that they take up less space in your closets and cupboards.