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3 Tips For Preparing Your Urban Garden For Winter

Winter is coming, so it’s time to ask yourself if you have your urban garden ready for the cold? Below, you’ll find some helpful tips to help you prepare your garden for what’s to come in the winter months, and how to take care of yourself in the process. The Size of Your Garden Plays a Role Do you just have a few tomato and basil plants on a balcony, or a big rooftop garden you’ve spent years cultivating and brag about to friends on Instagram? The size of your garden plays a significant

Sprinkler, Sub and Surface – Which Irrigation Methods Work Best for Your Yard?

Different environments require different irrigation methods to enable the flora and the fauna that visits it to not only survive, but thrive throughout the year and provide the homeowner with a wonderful garden and view to enjoy. A reticulated irrigation system is generally the best choice for most gardens, but that depends on a number of factors, including the size of the garden, the type of grass used for the lawn, and the plant species that have been planted. In some cases, a garden may

Succeed in the garden design industry with an established gardening diploma

You could learn everything that you need to know to succeed in the landscape and garden design industry in just one academic year, and you can then embark on a fulfilling and creative career. The course is designed and delivered by 2 leading designers, meaning that it is also an industry recognised qualification.   Garden and landscape design can be incredibly rewarding, as well as good fun. It is a chance to be creative every single day, and you could also learn everything that you need to know