The New Vision for Tableware: Vernox Stainless Steel Tablemats.

Stainless steel is a material we can find in our daily lives. This material is used in our vehicles, pipes, knives, cups, kitchen appliances, and more.

This is because stainless steel is heat resistant by nature, and has strong durability without any rusting.

As a result, we’ve noticed stainless steel used in a lot of kitchen appliances. Now, there’s even a stainless steel tablemat.

Vernox’s stainless steel tablemats are the company’s new vision for tablemats. These products go one step beyond the leather, silicone, and fabric tablemats we’re familiar with in our daily lives.

Premium kitchen supplies brand Vernox got its name by combining the French words for “green” and “river” to emphasize their environmentally-friendly philosophy. As we can see, this brand is primarily concerned with the safety of kitchen appliances.

As such, Vernox used a special coating technology (PVD+NCC) in their tablemats for enhanced safety and hygiene.

This coating allows for better and safer usage, and prevents molds and germs from forming on the tablemats.

Because of their anti-mold and anti-germ properties, these tablemats can also be used as their own plates.

And if you’re worried about potentially cutting your fingers on the edges, Vernox took care of that by using a smooth finishing coating.

Also, these stainless steel tablemats are resistant to discoloration and staining. So there is no need for specific cleaning products, just a quick rinse with water is enough.

Stainless steel is especially good for hot pots, since the material is resistant to heat. That means the product won’t melt or bend out of shape from the hot metal of your plates.

Vernox stainless steel tablemats come in gold or silver, adding a modernized curvature and an oval-shaped design to the product.

These curvy, luxurious tablemats and their metallic glossiness will bring your table to the next level of sophistication. They may be just what you need for your kitchen or dining room.

It is now available on Indiegogo!