5 Easy Alternatives to Starbucks!

When ordering your coffee, are you asked to order a Grande, Venti, or Trenta? Do you need a translator to get the cup of coffee you really want? When Starbucks locations outnumber McDonald’s, are you really getting something special? There are options to overpriced coffee, and you can have it your way when you want it on counter or desk at home or office.

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Alternate Gourmet Coffee Solutions

  1. Coffee Pods can make a perfect cup of coffee without the bother of grinding beans, portioning coffee, or boiling water. Pretty much fool-proof, pods are disposable plastic containers with an accurate portion of finely ground coffee.

A coffee machine heats water to the right temperature and forces it through the pod into your ready cup. Pods come in different strengths, caffeinated and decaffeinated, and a variety of intensities. Nespresso machines, for example, come in 16 varieties. Some capsules are labeled Intenso and Espresso; others are grouped by land of coffee origin or flavors.

  1. Competitor Franchises account for an increasing market alternative to the Starbucks leadership. Dutch Bros., with locations in Western and Northwestern states, is an in-and-out location with drinks listed by number of shots rather than size. Their menu includes unusual flavors alongside the expected macadamia and Irish cream.

Many customers swear by the low-cost coffees at Dunkin’ Donuts that are also available in machine pod options. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and The Coffee Beanery have a more traditional coffee cafe vibe.

  1. Desktop Coffee Machines put a fresh, flavorful, hot cup of coffee within reach whenever you want one. Desktop makers are available in a variety of sizes, using pods or filters, and sometimes with the ability to plug into your computer’s USB port.
  2. Coffee Makers that offer more servings are made by Nespresso, Keurig, Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, Metlitta, and a number of other brands. They come in a variety of sizes, coffee volume, and styles. Some machines offer varieties of drip processing, and others brew espresso and/or cappuccino.

Such machines give you more control over taste and blend of coffees and it’s definitely fun to experiment.

  1. Gourmet Coffee Services fill your taste for quality coffee at home or office. They provide coffee makers, filtered water, and a wide selection of coffees. Working on a contract basis, they supply and service the coffee stations at your office and break or lunch rooms. With numerous options in coffee makers and enough coffee brands and flavors to keep everyone happy, gourmet coffee services save you and your employees money and time.

Coffee In All Sizes
Many people swear by their 50-cent small coffee brewed at McDonald’s. But, those who like their coffee richer, darker, or flavored have been shopping at Starbucks. But, with multiple available alternatives, they are now looking for something better, less ordinary, and cheaper.

Customers, who still like the cafe ambiance of a coffee house with low lighting and soft or no background music, are looking for local options. They support cafes near campus or work, stores that promote local artists and provide custom-made foods and drinks. These folks want the experience as much as the coffee, and do not want to pay through the nose for it.

People, who want their cup of coffee their way, are looking for coffee makers and single serve machines that serve their coffee within arm’s reach. They want their gourmet coffee as close as their bedside, kitchen counter, or desktop. And, those running offices see the importance of providing the gourmet coffee service that takes care of their coffee taste and convenience while keeping employers from leaving the office for the coffee shop down the street.