Is Your Teen Itching to Drive?


When you have a teenager or two, you know all too well how excited they can become over certain facets of life.

One such topic of excitement is when the time comes for them to learn how to drive.

Whether you are experiencing this now or will be soon, how will you go about handling it?

For many moms, agreeing to let your teen learn how to operate a vehicle can provide some anxious moments. Along with worrying about your teen, you likely have concerns about the vehicle. If you are tight for money, an accident can put you in a financial hole.

So, if your teen is itching to drive, is now the time to pull forward and let them do it?

Always Put Safety in the Front Seat

In order for your teen to be as safe as possible behind the wheel, don’t forget a few pointers.

They include:

1. Commonsense

Not all teens use commonsense as they are growing up. As a result, they can place themselves and others in precarious situations over time.

Make sure your teen knows how important it is to always be thinking when driving. That means no cell phones, talking to others in the vehicle, and mixing alcohol and driving. Unfortunately, too many teens don’t get the message until it is too late.

So that your teen has as much protection in front of them as possible; pound home the need for commonsense.

2. Technology

How much technology will the vehicle your teen operates have going for it?

By doing your best to have a sound car or truck for your teen to drive, he or she will be safer.

To start does your vehicle off a backup camera system? Why you want a backup camera is rather simple. The device will protect your teen and others by alerting the driver to what is happening behind them.

If your teen is in your vehicle getting ready to go in reverse, there is oftentimes action going on around them. As such, it can become easy to lose one’s train of thought for a moment. Unfortunately, it only takes a moment or two for an accident to occur.

With a backup camera mounted on the dashboard, your teen can see what is going on to the rear of the car or truck. This reduces the chances of backing up into another vehicle or even an individual or two.

By having the best technology in the vehicle, your teen stands less of a chance of being in an accident.

3. Patience

Last, factor in that millions of teens are on an energy kick most of the day. As a result, they’re coming and going at breakneck speed at times.

Remind your teen when driving that he or she needs to be cognizant of the fact many other drivers are rushing. This can lead to accidents, road rage and more.

As an example, your teen should not leave for school in a vehicle five minutes before classes begin. The same holds true if there is inclement weather to deal with. Speeding in bad weather is a recipe for disaster.

By being a patient and respectful driver, your teen is much less likely to be in an accident.

Keeping your kid or kids’ safe is something you never want to lose track of. Remember, it only takes one mistake to lead to a lifetime of heartache.

So, if your teen is itching to drive, is now the time to scratch that itch?