Do I Need Fire Extinguisher Signs, and Where Should I Put Them?

Adding fire extinguishers to your business is an incredibly smart move, both from a legal standpoint and from a safety standpoint. While there are regulations which require that businesses have a certain number of extinguishers and fire blankets on the premises, there is nothing to stop you from installing more if it makes you feel comfortable and this fire protection equipment installation can be easily added by a professional team.

If you do have extinguishers on the property then you also have to ensure that your staff are fully trained and feel comfortable using them should the time come. It is also crucial that proper signage is also included to make them highly visible in any volatile situations.

What Is The Purpose of a Sign?

The sign which you put up for your fire extinguisher is there not only to let people know that you have one, but it also breaks down exactly what kind of extinguisher it is. Using the wrong extinguisher for a fire could mean that those efforts are completely ineffective, or it could even make the fire grow at a quicker rate. For this reason your staff need to be trained at knowing when to use which extinguisher and you need to use signs to notify them which extinguisher is which. In the heat of the moment, your staff may also completely forget what they have learned regarding the extinguisher, and that is why the sign can also help as these signs have a step by step guide as to how they should be used.

Which Sign to Pick

Signs come in all shapes and sizes, made of various materials and with different pictograms on them. There is a very simple rule of thumb to follow here and that is to pick the sign which makes it clearest which extinguisher it is referring to and how to use it. Should a fire begin, the last thing that you will care about is the elegance or the material of a sign. One consideration to make here is to get a photoluminescent sign, so that if something happens when the lights are off, the sign will still be visible. All you should care about at this point is how easy the sign is to read and understand.

Where Should You Put The Fire Extinguisher Sign

Naturally because the sign is detailing which extinguisher it is, it should be as close to the extinguisher as possible. If you have two different kinds of extinguisher which are close together, make sure that it is abundantly clear which sign refers to which extinguisher. Also it is important to make sure that the signs are not placed too low down on the wall, as these could easily get blocked from view.

When it comes to the buying and the placement of the signs for your extinguishers, the only thing which you should have in mind is how easily they will be seen & understood, do this, and they will be a perfect fit.