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Is Your Teen Itching to Drive?

When you have a teenager or two, you know all too well how excited they can become over certain facets of life. One such topic of excitement is when the time comes for them to learn how to drive. Whether you are experiencing this now or will be soon, how will you go about handling it? For many moms, agreeing to let your teen learn how to operate a vehicle can provide some anxious moments. Along with worrying about your teen, you likely have concerns about the vehicle. If you are tight

Things to Ask When Purchasing an Auto Service Contract

Although new cars come with fairly comprehensive warranties, the day will come before you know it when that warranty is about to expire and you are looking ahead to potentially significant repair costs in the coming years. Now is the time when many people begin to think seriously about purchasing an auto service contract. Depending on the degree of protection and coverage you want to have, a service contract can be expensive – although not as expensive as an overhaul of your car´s major systems.