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TV, Phone and Internet – Can I Save?

You are careful where you spend your money. You bring your coupons to the grocery store and only hit the Gap when there's a 30% off sale. Every penny really does count when you are trying to do the right things for your family, and it's nice to find some new ways to save a little. Are you wishing you had more money at the end of each month? Maybe you want to find enough o pay for your daughter's violin lessons or your son's Boy Scout camp. If you look hard enough - you may find it. One smart

How to Stream Your Favorite British TV Shows

Even with the dramatic rise in popularity with American television programs, countless viewers in the United States, and all across the globe, have started to fall in love with British TV series. This appreciation can be seen particularly with programs such as Doctor Who, a breakaway remake hit that has audiences of all types, and from all backgrounds ,glued to their televisions. Now, as the show enters its 8th season, this attention-grabbing series is gaining even more traction with American viewers,