TV, Phone and Internet – Can I Save?

Internet bundling is a great way to save money

You are careful where you spend your money. You bring your coupons to the grocery store and only hit the Gap when there’s a 30% off sale. Every penny really does count when you are trying to do the right things for your family, and it’s nice to find some new ways to save a little. Are you wishing you had more money at the end of each month? Maybe you want to find enough o pay for your daughter’s violin lessons or your son’s Boy Scout camp. If you look hard enough – you may find it.

One smart way to save some household money is on your home phone, TV and Internet. Unlike a few decades ago, you’ve got tons of options, and by looking into things like Internet bundling, you may be able to save a pretty penny.

Internet bundling

By combining some of your technology bills, you may be able to save some money. Bundling means paying for services like TV, Internet and your home phone all in one. When you end up using different providers for each of these services, you are probably ending up paying more. Different areas have different availability, but check out places the CenturyLink availability to find services in your area. You may find different availability depending on where you live, but hopefully you can find something.

Some of the different Internet bundling options are things like putting your Internet and home phone together; some packages include TV. You may be able to find services like online gaming and movie streaming as well. Many people are starting to go without a home phone, but some people still like it for emergency service, and you can find a good affordable phone service rate in a bundle to keep your home phone and pay less. You can also go bare on the phone amenities on your home phone. If all you really want it for is emergencies, cut out things like call waiting and unlimited long distance. You may end up never using the home phone, thought it ‘s nice to have, so keep it to a minimum. Don’t pay for what you don’t use.


As far as Internet goes, be careful what you’re paying for. Think about what Internet speed you need (not what you want) and the difference in what you’ll be paying. If you love streaming, you’ll want a faster connection, but if all you do is send the occasional email and find a great cookie recipe, you may not need to pay for premium service. That could be a difference of up to around $50 a month, and that adds up.


Your TV bill alone probably has some room to cut, even if you’re not considering bundling. You can go cold turkey and cut the whole thing out. It’s not unheard of and plenty of people are happy with Internet TV, Netflix and Amazon.

There are other ways to save on TV without getting rid of it completely; don’t worry. First of all, look at your bill and see what you’re paying for. Do you really need all of those movie channels? Do you ever watch them or do you prefer to watch off of Netflix or rent movies at your convenience? What about HDTV? Does it really matter that your picture looks a tiny bit better?

Don’t be afraid to bargain. Because so many people are letting their TV go and dropping their cable companies, these companies may be willing to bargain with you. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Maybe they’ll reduce your price or give you something that you actually want with your current package. Don’t be afraid to ask. Also, if you pay your bill on time and are a good customer, they’ll be al little more likely to work with you.

Some things we just take for granted and think we are supposed to have them or need to pay for it. But when you really take a look at what you’re using on a daily basis, you probably can find some ways to cut the bills through Internet bundling and add a bit more money in your budget. Maybe you can pay for those violin lessons after all.

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