How to Stream Your Favorite British TV Shows

Even with the dramatic rise in popularity with American television programs, countless viewers in the United States, and all across the globe, have started to fall in love with British TV series. This appreciation can be seen particularly with programs such as Doctor Who, a breakaway remake hit that has audiences of all types, and from all backgrounds ,glued to their televisions. Now, as the show enters its 8th season, this attention-grabbing series is gaining even more traction with American viewers, and along with other UK programs, is finding that one of the biggest pockets of the show fans can be found right across the pond.

From Dr. Who to Downtown Abbey, and countless other British television programs, a number of shows from the UK have found strong audiences in the United States. However, most of these shows are not broadcast in the US, meaning it is up to the viewers to find their own means of watching these programs. Thanks to the spike in popularity among these programs, there are now several ways to stream the series that air in the UK. While each method takes a different approach, each streaming method can each help television fans stay up to date on their favorite shows almost immediately after they air in the UK.

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On Demand 

Visit the XFINITY On Demand home screen, and you will find several commercials, promotions and links to watch the British show Doctor Who. The eighth season premier for the program was not only promoted through XFINITY On Demand, but in honor of the premier, fans were given the opportunity to catch up on past seasons, and even see the original episodes from more than 50 years ago.

BBC America, a channel synonymous with bringing British entertainment

to US audiences, has a robust offering of On Demand programs for XFINITY users, in addition to their Doctor Who episodes and features. Comcast’s BBC American On Demand channel allows users to stream their favorite British programs, with many shows available on the On Demand platform, the day after they air.

While XFINITY has one of the largest collections of British television programs for US users to stream, there are other cable providers that have their own collection of British programs that appear on BBC and other channels. DISH, Direct TV, Verizon FIOS and Time Warner Cable all have BBC America on Demand as part of their basic package for customers.


Over the past few years, Netflix has become one of the biggest providers of streamed television shows, and now with new streaming features, the company offers more than just DVD rentals. In addition to offering apps, and programs for smart TVs and gaming consoles, Netflix has also made the foray into the world of British television. With a monthly Netflix subscription, TV fans can instantly access both new and past seasons of programs such as Luther, Downtown Abbey, The Paradise, Sherlock and more.


Customers who pay to access the newly upgraded HULU Plus online television platform, can access an array of British programs right from their home computer. Last year, Hulu launched a major effort to bring the best of British television to its users from around the globe. While the web-based platform had already found a niche with British television fans, it more than doubled the number of UK shows available through its platform.

With their 2013 announcement, the website revealed plans to start streaming some of the most popular British imports such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, Blackadder, and Twenty Twelve. The platform also now airs British natural history shows such as Life of Mammals. With so many UK options, British television fans have plenty to choose from on Hulu.

No matter what approach fans take when streaming British television shows, thanks to advancements in technology, the power of the internet, and new cable features, accessing British programs has never been easier.