How to Make Chores for Adults Fun Again

When we give our kids chores to do, we do all we can to inject a little fun into proceedings to make it a little easier on them. Why then do us adults not do the same thing when it is our turn to do the chores? After all chores are never fun so if we get a little creative when doing jobs around the house we can make it easier on ourselves and have some fun with these boring tasks. Here are some tips on how you can make chores for adults fun again.



If doing chores with your partner add a little competition to the tasks by having a race, divide up whatever jobs that you need to do, organize a little prize at the end, this could be something like ‘loser pays for dinner’ and start. Even something as silly as a race between your partner can make the chores seem far more fun and if you are anything like me and my husband you will be laughing along the way as you try to sabotage the jobs of your partner.

Dress Up

Dressing up is not just for the kids and you can have a great deal of fun doing the chores in a costume, naturally this works better when there are two of you doing it but you can make this alone if you so wish. My husband and I tried this last week and it was hilarious, I donned a French maid outfit and my hubby dressed up like a clown, make-up and all. We might have taken a little bit longer than usual doing the jobs in the house but we had an absolute riot whilst doing so. I’m just glad that the kids didn’t walk in whilst we were doing them, I can only imagine what there faces would have been like on seeing their crazy parents doing jobs dressed like that!

Make it a Game

Turning chores into a game is one of the best ways to add some fun, once again this is better done with someone else. Before you start the chores write down a list of the jobs that need to be done and then attach a prize to each chore, the bigger the job, the bigger the prize. The game is that whoever successfully completes each chore must receive the prize from the other person doing the jobs with you, so whoever does the most jobs, gets the most prizes. The prizes are completely up to you, it could be something physical, it could be that the loser takes you out for the day, makes you food or whatever else springs to mind. The truth is that chores have to be done regardless so turning them into a fun game to play with your partner can make them seem a lot less boring and it also makes the time go faster, remember that adults are allowed to have fun too and chores are a great place to start.

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