So You Want To Renovate Your Home

It’s pretty likely that moms dream of home renovations often, especially when you’ve added children to your home and realize you didn’t have as much space as you thought you did.

Whether you simply plan to add an extra bathroom or bedroom, or you want to put on a whole new home addition, there are a few things you need to consider prior to getting to work.

First, remember you can’t do it all by yourself, no matter how handy you or someone else in your family is. Make a plan and then start looking for a professional contractor that can do your renovations right the first time.


Finding The Right Contractor

When you have an idea of your renovation your first step in fulfilling your vision is finding the right contractor. That starts with getting referrals, from friends, co-workers or anyone else you know that has gotten remodeling work done on their home.

Once you have a decent list of possibilities, take some time to interview them. You want to make sure you find someone that can do what you want, as well as a contractor that has experience and is trustworthy.

How To Make Sure You Contractor Is Legit

There are many nightmare stories out there of people who have been duped by contractors. Maybe their job wasn’t done right, maybe they skipped out before finishing the work, or maybe they blamed the homeowners for an injury and sued.

There are numerous scenarios that are scary, but renovations in general are stressful. Instead of seeing the bad in the situation, ask your prospective contractor for some references that you can check into. Also, make sure that they are insured.

The Importance Of Insurance

There are a couple important things about insurance. First, you as the homeowner want to make sure that you get a little extra insurance during renovations. Call your insurance agent prior to even hiring your contractor. This just gives you some extra coverage.

Even more importantly, you want to make sure that your chosen contractor is insured. Their contractors insurance policy protects them in case they are hurt on your property while doing your remodel; it also helps protect you and your home from damages caused while they work.

Don’t start out on a bad foot when it comes to home renovations. Do you research, take your time learning about possible contractors, and never make any quick decisions. You also never want to pay a huge amount before they even start the job.

You also never have to settle for less than the renovations you want. If the contractor you speak to doesn’t think they can do what you want, talk to another one. If it seems your dream is out of reach, work with your chosen contractor to get some of what you want in a way that is actually possible. A great contractor will be willing to help you out and work with you on making your dream home come true.