The Legend Of Magic Carpets Demystified


Anyone who has watched the Disney film Aladdin will be familiar with the concept of magic carpets which fly through the air and take people on amazing journeys. Of course, everyone knows that this is just a story and that carpets can’t actually fly. However, it is fun to think that people could go down to the local shops on top of a flying carpet instead of having to wait in long traffic jams whilst using up lots of petrol. Magic carpets certainly wouldn’t need carpet dry cleaning in Perth.

If people are unsure about the origins of the magic carpet, then they should read this helpful guide in order to find out much more.

History Of The Magic Carpet

The Bible mentions that King Solomon had a flying carpet that was sixty miles long and was sixty miles wide. This supposedly allowed him to transport his entire family and thousands of servants vast distances in a very short space of time. The Bible describes the carpet as being made of green silk with a golden edge. In order to protect himself and others from the sun, the carpet was said to be shielded by thousands of birds who acted as a giant sunblock.

These stories have continued to be popular all over the world, from Malta to Morocco. The flying carpet has become a popular theme in Middle Eastern Hollywood films.

The Self-Cleaning Magic Carpet

Another popular myth about so-called magic carpets is that they are completely self-cleaning. Anyone who has had the misfortune of spilling red wine, ink or beetroot on their carpet will know that carpets are more definitely not self-cleaning.

Tough stains can be incredibly hard to remove so it is best to hire Chemdry Express carpet dry cleaning to get rid of any tough marks. Once the stubborn stains have been removed, then people should be careful to make sure that any spillages don’t occur.

A clean carpet will make any room look instantly more attractive, and will make people want to spend lots more time there.

The Indestructible Magic Carpet

Everyone has probably seen a film where a magic carpet is somehow able to fly through a fire without sustaining damage. This is because they have supposedly been blessed by magicians after they have been made. However, as we all know, carpets don’t survive the effects of fire.

One of the most common causes of damage to a carpet is when people accidentally drop their lit cigarettes. This often leaves circular burn marks. If this happens, then the carpet will have to be taken up and completely replaced.

People need to make sure that they don’t burn the carpet again. One of the easiest ways to make sure the carpet doesn’t get any burn marks is to only smoke cigarettes which standing outside the kitchen door.

Magic carpets will continue to captivate people’s imaginations. As this guide has shown, the supernatural qualities of magic carpets are sadly lacking in the real world.