Protecting Upholstery and Leather Furniture

A good quality couch either in upholstery or leather can be a costly investment. Taking care to maintain the couch and remove any stains as quickly as possible is key to the longevity and enjoyment you will get out of your furniture investment.


Select retailers often includes a protection plan that can help with cleaning, repairs, and even replacement if you do have an unfortunate accident with your furniture Guardian Protection Products offers both protection plans and home cleaning kits.

For at home care and cleaning here are a few tips to help maintain the life of your upholstered furniture.

Dirt and dust can act like sandpaper on the fabric of your furniture, be sure to remove it frequently. Vacuum your upholstered furniture weekly; lift the cushions and use the handy attachments to remove all the hidden crumbs beneath. Keep your upholstered furniture looking new with these handy tips:

Rearrange, flip and swap. Being creatures of habit, most of us gravitate to our favorite places, but when it’s the same space on the sofa day after day, that preference will begin to show. Flip the loose cushions regularly, and if you have a multi-cushion unit be sure to rotate them too. Similarly, rearrange the furniture once or twice a year to help distribute wear more evenly. Switch the position in your space of the love seat and a sofa, or swap a set of chairs as the season’s change, adding new pillows and a throw will help to further break patterns and protect your furniture.

Arm caps. Consider getting arm caps made of the same fabric to protect those places where skin and hair routinely rest. These areas soil more quickly and the oils and dirt break down the fabric quicker.

Slipcovers. Washable slipcovers are an excellent choice if you have kids, pets or live in a climate where you’re sweating more on the fabric.

Fabric protection. Most upholstered furniture comes with the option for a spray-on fabric protector which coat fibers and protects from spills and stains. These fabric protector sprays can be applied when the fabric is manufactured, by the furniture retailer, or in your home using spray products you can purchase from Guardian Protection Products. If you apply the fabric protection yourself, be sure to read the product instructions and spot test to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

Caring for leather furniture:

Leather upholstery can last a lifetime if looked after properly. Follow these tips to maintain and care for your leather furnishings:

Keep away from light and heat. Leather furniture is sensitive to heat and the sun which will quickly dry it our and cause damage. Position your furniture away from windows and from any heat sources such as central heating vents, fireplaces, and radiators.

Uncoated leathers. Any furniture made from an uncoated leather needs to be frequently dusted. If you have any stains an art gum eraser may work to remove them safely, but do not use saddle soap, leather creams or conditioners on uncoated leather, these products can change appearance and even the color of the leather.

Coated leathers. Be sure to check with the manufacturer for recommended cleaning methods. A regular vacuuming to remove surface soil ensures that dust and dirt don’t build up. Leather creams or conditioners can typically be used to clean coated leather a couple of times a year. As always, be sure to spot test!