Keeping Your Guy Safe and Sound on His Motorcycle


If you have a man in your life that can’t get enough of riding his motorcycle, do you worry much about his safety?

For many women in such a spot, the answer is oftentimes yes.

Even if your preach motorcycle safety to him, will those pleas fall on deaf ears at times?

Whether your guy has been riding for many years or is a beginner, wanting him to come home safe and sound is natural.

That said avoiding nagging him.

It is important to find that fine balance.

On one hand, you let him know how much you care. But, you try to not to be too pushy.

So, how do you find the balance of the perfect amount of concern and advice, yet avoid driving him off?

Showing You Care When He’s Out on the Roads

Whether riding with your guy at times or he is always solo, motorcycle safety is important for all.

With that in mind, here are some tips to make for the safest roadway experiences each time out:

  • Observing rules of the road – Always emphasize respecting the rules of the road. When on a motorcycle, riders are at a disadvantage should they come in contact with a car or other such vehicle. Avoid speeding, darting in and around traffic, and following too close to stop.
  • Avoiding distractions – It can be easy to get distracted when operating any kind of vehicle. From cell phones to watching what other drivers are up to, always focus on what you need to do. That cell phone call or text etc. can always wait. Be cognizant of vehicle operators on cell phones, especially if they are near you.
  • Dressing – You may not always think how one will dress when operating a motorcycle is important, but it is. From the helmet to Kevlar riding jeans, make sure the accessories are comfortable and add to safety. Men’s fashion while riding can prove both stylish and help lessen serious injuries.

Teaming up with Other Motorcyclists

Even with emphasis on safety on the roads and having a well-taken care of bike, you and your guy can still have fun.

In fact, you might even find yourself being the operator sooner rather than later.

For some women, exposure to their guy riding his motorcycle all the time becomes an idea for her to try it out. Before long, she may conclude that more time will be enjoyed as a couple if they ride together.

As more women flock to motorcycles, it is not uncommon to find ladies’ riding groups. With such groups, have a little time to yourself with other women with a passion for motorcycles.

In the event you want to stick to riding motorcycles as a couple, there are various groups out there to ride with too.

Whether you get the motorcycle riding bug or not, always remind your partner to ride safe.

Although motorcycles are quite thrilling, they can also lead to injuries.

So you never experience a devastating accident in your life and that of the man you love, ride off safely.