Planning on Selling Your Home? Here’s How to Make Your Property Sellable

If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, you need to pay close attention as to how you’re going to attract the attention of potential buyers. Although you may feel biased that your home will sell immediately, it is likely to be up against tough competition. Many other properties will have the same characteristics and so you need to ensure your home stands out from the crowd.

A professional real estate agent will be able to offer helpful hints to point you in the right direction on how to make your property more sellable, however, it is your responsibility to make your home a property that buyers can’t refuse.

Here are some useful tips to take on board if you are planning on selling your home:

1. Declutter and depersonalize

When buyers first enter your property, they want to envision themselves living there. Having too many personalized objects and clutter lying around can instantly turn off the buyer. It not only overwhelms the space but can make the buyer feel as though they’re stepping into someone else’s home, rather than a place they will potentially call their own in the near future.

Spend time tidying each room and getting rid of personalized clutter that is on show (such as toys, children’s drawings and family photographs) would be recommended. If you need assistance on what else should be removed, it may be worth asking the advice of the estate agent.

2. Fix the small things

If you have lived in your property for many years, you have probably overlooked the discreet aspects that need work. Making the time to fix even the smallest things will show buyers that you take pride in your property and it has been carefully maintained.

When potential buyers view a home, they tend to look at the nitty-gritty details, as every broken fixture will eventually need a repair. This is not only costly, but also extra hassle on their behalf. Take a walk around each room of the home and try and spot any flaws which could be picked up on. Do the same around the outside of the property. Ask yourself questions such as when was the last time your roof was checked for damage? If you believe your roof is in need of repair or a replacement, Next wave roofing would be an expert service to meet your requirements.

3. Get rid of pet smells

While pets may be your special friend, they won’t do you any favors when it comes to selling your home. Although many buyers have pets of their own, they don’t want to be bombarded by smells and stains left by your four-legged friend. A sour-smelling property is enough to put any buyer off, so it would be in your best interests to banish smells where possible. Open the windows to let fresh air in and aim take control of hygiene. Pet smells can be diminished by sprinkling baking soda on the carpet and allowing it to set overnight.