Electricians in Adelaide SA

If you’re looking for a great local electrician in Adelaide, SA, you may be flooded with options when you go to search online and even in the phone book. Fortunately, we’ve found the best ones in the area, but before we get into that, we’ll give you some examples of just what the best electricians can offer when it comes to being true professionals that will meet your needs. You never want to hire an electrician that isn’t cut for the job, or one that’s dangerous. Therefore, here are some warning signs that you may not want to hire the electrician in question.

They Can’t Provide Licensing Information

If you’re looking for the best possible electrician, you want to know that they have some experience and know what they’re doing. Start researching some basic electrical questions and ask for a copy of their license or bonding number. By doing so, you should get solid answers. If you don’t, or they can’t answer your questions and seem like they can’t help, then you may want to tell them they’re fired and move on. Also, you’ll want to ask them to prove that they have insurance, because the most professional electricians do. If they don’t have it, don’t hire them either.

They Aren’t True Professionals

Even the most qualified electricians may end up being the most unprofessional. You need to think about the fact that they need to be presentable even if they’re not wearing a uniform, and that they are friendly, helpful, and willing to talk to you, along with allowing you to see that they can handle dealing with people too. If they can’t, then that’s a big red flag.

They’re Basically Just “Reschedulers”

If you’ve ever had an electrician get ahold of you after the initial appointment was scheduled, only to have it rescheduled multiple times, then not even show up on time, you may want to ask what the holdup was. You have that right. If your electrician doesn’t apologize, and give you decent customer service in this case (it’s a busy business, and sometimes things just happen), then you need to consider hiring another one because you don’t deserve to not be treated like a person!

Your Electrician is Plain Lazy

An electrician’s job is to maintain safety, not only for you, but also for them. Therefore, if you start seeing that they aren’t picking up their messes, and they end up just splicing wires leaving them hanging, and not put everything out of reach, or you see anything safe at all, then you should definitely get ahold of them immediately. No electrician should cut corners, and when they do, this can be especially harmful!


THG has years of experience in the electrical industry as both a professional residential and commercial electrician and you can learn more here. They are a family-owned business, and they operate with the highest standards in all of SA to provide excellent electrical service for you that can get the job done right the first time and make you feel like a part of the family.