Luvanto Vinyl Flooring Gets All The Attention

Luvanto is the luxury flooring brand which is bringing properties across the nation upto a superior standard.

But in what ways does Luvanto flooring make our homes superior?

To begin with, Luvanto is manufactured to the highest standard. It offers perfectly replicated designs based on natural elements and colour schemes and tones. There is an appreciation throughout the nation for its ability to function to the highest standard in domestic or commercial buildings.

The only troublesome aspect with Luvanto is the abundance of choice, you would think it might take forever to choose the perfect colour. That’s why Luvanto Click Collection has been designed with choice in mind. You can mix and match planks or tiles of the same colour family to create intricate patterns or borders.

Luvanto Click Collection’s has brought the world of flooring into the 21st Century, with manufacturing techniques which changed the flooring installation forever. Whether you have a love or hate relationship with flooring installation, there’s a method to suit everyone. Luvanto lets you choose whether you want the extra cost of hiring a fitter, or whether you’ll conquer the fitting yourself through DIY.

There’s even more savings to be had over the years. Luvanto diminishes the risk of scratches and stains by having defence properties built into the surface layer. This means you spend next to nothing on cleaning materials and equipment, and heavy-duty cleaning procedures are a thing of the past.

Luvanto Click uses a 0.5mm heavy duty wear layer which makes it long lasting and incredibly durable against moisture and damages. If you like the quiet life, then flooring which softens the sound of footfalls are you walk is what you need. Luvanto Soundclick underlay has the same easy installation methods and completely diminishes the sound from foot traffic. Meaning a quiet night in really is quiet.

Luvanto bring the most joy to its customers because of their warranties and expert design and installation methods. If you want a luxury wood effect vinyl flooring or stone effect then you’re in the right place with Luvanto.