Mom Says It is Time for a Storage Unit

Is it Time for a Storage Unit?

Photo by CC user Hankwang on Wikimedia Commons

In many instances, mom usually gets what she wants.

When you stop and think about it, as important as dad is to the family, mom is oftentimes the individual who holds it all together.

Whether it is making sure the kids get to school on time and get their homework done, the kids don’t destroy their rooms, the family checking account stays solvent, everyone gets to their respective doctor appointments during the year, moms pretty much do it all.

That said mom typically knows too when the house is literally overwhelmed with too much stuff.

From furniture to toys to important papers, some homes look like you could barely turn anywhere without knocking stuff over.

So, if mom says it might be time for a storage unit, there is a good chance that is going to happen.

The question then becomes where to rent it and how much stuff should go in it?

Shop for Best Location and Deal

So that you can find the best self storage units out there, don’t necessarily take the first one you come across.

One of the most important factors in finding the right unit is the location.

For example, if you just moved to a new town, there is a good chance you do not know all that much about it. In those cases, best to do your research before getting there as to which storage facilities get the best ratings.

One way to go about this is of course the Internet.

By doing a Google search (or finding out sites to search via word-of-mouth), you can pull up a lot of good information on the respective storage facilities near where you are living. Remember, the more educated you are about something, the better you tend to do in getting what you want.

In that information, look to see how the facilities protect (security, climate control etc.) consumer goods, what size units they offer, if they have available any specials for first-time customers, and what type of contract language they offer.

Securing Your Possessions

When it comes to the making sure your items are as safe as possible, don’t ever take this all-important part of the equation for granted.

As for security, you don’t want your possessions in a facility where security is a big question mark.

Any facility you select should have video cameras to monitor anyone and everyone coming in and out of the property.

It is also important that the facility is gated if possible, meaning only current customers can enter and exit via a key or password entry system.

As for protecting yourself inside, a climate controlled facility is certainly what you would prefer.

One of the dangers in using storage facilities without such an offering is the potential for mold and other issues creeping in.

If the area gets damp and stays that way, it can be very easy for mold to set in. In the event that happens, you could end up having some or much of your stuff damaged or even permanently ruined.

Also check the facility (inside and out) for overall cleanliness.

Does it seem like ownership takes care of the facility. Are bugs and other pests seemingly an issue? Is outside garbage picked up regularly? That last item may not sound like all that big of a deal, but lots of garbage oftentimes attracts lots of problems, such problems as mice and other critters.

When it comes to items such as size, specials and of course contracts, do certainly read the fine print before signing any papers.

This is one of the reasons why it is so important to shop around, therefore not settling on the first facility you come across.

Some storage facilities have great deals out there including amenities you might not have previously thought about, but you have to do a little legwork on your end.

Whether it is first month’s rent free for new customers or providing you with free boxes and other packing items, spend the time needed to see where you will best come out ahead.

Given all the time and effort moms put into keeping their families healthy and happy, it should not come as a big surprise that she is likely the one orchestrating finding a storage facility if necessary.

The most important thing to remember as a family, the boys should do all the heavy lifting.