Cool Men’s Fashions For Fall 2016

Plaid shirts are among the Cool Men's Fashions For Fall 2016

Photo by CC user Unsplash on Pixabay

Looking to refresh your wardrobe this fall? There are many cool men’s fashions that are hitting the rack this season that has the potential to turn you into the most stylish member of your group.

Here are the cool men’s fashions for Fall 2016 that should be on the lookout for when you head to the mall this weekend.

1) Surfer-inspired hoodies

When the cool winds of fall begin to blow, you’ll won’t just want protection against them, but you’ll want to look great as well.

It’s still far too warm to don a winter jacket; instead, we recommend that you get some new hoodies for the cooler weather, as the best of these are thick enough to ward off the bracingly cool air, all while giving you that sporty look that many find attractive these days.

2) Copper-colored business shirts

Of all the outfits that have been paraded down fashion runways in recent weeks, the color copper has shown up more than any other type.

Of all the variations we’ve seen, copper-colored business shirts have stood out to us the most. When worn in tandem with pinstripe suits, it creates a new dynamic for business professionals that take pride in dressing powerfully.

If you are looking for an item of clothing that will turn heads at your workplace, consider adding a copper-colored shirt into your rotation.

3) Plaid casual shirts

When it comes to casual wear, it would appear that the early nineties are about to make their grand return on street corners everywhere this season.

While that time period was all about effortless fashion, the ensembles that are showing up in stores this autumn show more ambition, as they are moving beyond lumberjack wear by experimenting with different colors and outfit combinations.

If you decide to go this route, don’t be afraid to try out the new daring patterns that are finding their way to the shelves as we speak.

4) Pyjama wear

It is often said that those that wear their pyjamas beyond their confines of their house have given up on the game of life.

New concepts in pyjama wear have taken a daring stand against this convention, as they are styles that the bold and the fashionable have been able to pull off successfully in public.

At the same time, they wouldn’t look out of place lounging at home either, making them accessible to more conservative dressers as well.

If you’re looking to replace for your current bedtime duds, many of the styles that are out this fall are some of the best that have been seen in years, so you may want to buy while the pickings are good.