5 Fashion Trends to Look Out for in This Year’s Spring 

With winter around the corner and spring fast approaching, you will need to have all the looks ready for when that nice spring weather hits! We are going to talk about some of the top five fashion trends that you should watch out for this upcoming spring. 

  1. Marigold Yellow 

Many designers have used this color in the New York Fashion Week. Colors and clothes that are used in this fashion show, are generally what is upcoming and new. This shade is also known as Gen-Z yellow. This color is really good for spring because it makes any outfit pop! Fillyflair.com  can help you find the styles that you need. 

  1. Snakeskin

Snakeskin is often overlooked; however, it is making a comeback. Many other animal patterns have been trending but, in the spring, snakeskin is expected to make a comeback. Say goodbye to leopard spot and zebra stripes. This is a trend that you can wear real snakeskin or they have faux snakeskin or print options available. One of the best combinations is snakeskin and leather. This is very trendy! 

  1. Tie-Dye 

New York Fashion Week has highlighted tie-dye as an upcoming trend. This is a classic and retro look that has been trying to come back for some time now. Many people simply don’t associate tie-dye with their look. However, tie-dye is also making a comeback with a more modern design. It has more edgy looks and options available. Keep in mind, tie-dye doesn’t have to be rainbow, it can be one color with white or black. You don’t always have to resort to the out-there look! 

  1. Patchwork 

This appeared in NYFW as well. Many designers brought patchwork on the runway. Patchwork is very unique and can be different from any other style that has been worn before. Patchwork creates varied looks and a unique look. Remember, patchwork can be used on anything from shoes to shirts and everything in between. 

  1. Statement Sleeves 

The bigger the sleeve the better. Sleeves are not going anywhere soon. These sleeves are large and puffy. Sometimes they may be bigger than our heads! When they refer to statement sleeves, they mean statement sleeves! You can’t miss these walking down the street! Most of the time these are long-sleeved items, however, occasionally you will see this in shorter-sleeved items. 

The fashion industry is always changing. You are always finding new ways to wear clothing or new clothing to wear. There are so many different designers that all have different ideas, it is hard to keep up with fashion. However, in the spring you now know what to expect to be trending. 

The trends listed above go well with what you likely already have in your closet. Most of the items, especially snakeskin, will pair well with denim jeans! Marigold yellow will also pair well with jeans or a nice pair of leggings. Fashion doesn’t have to be confusing but it can be. It is easier to stay educated than fall out of the loop!