Integrity Heating and Cooling – How to Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

The summer months here in Mokana, Il can get very hot and very sticky and keeping your home cool is something which can often be a great challenge to many. It may be tempting to blast the AC all summer long but that is only a good idea until you see the energy bills coming through the door, and then you may think twice about hitting the AC for a little while. There is nothing wrong with using the AC of course but it is important that you can do so sparingly, to avoid those huge bills. To help us understand a little better how we can keep our homes cool in the summer months we spoke to some of the experts at Integrity Heating and Cooling, who are without question the best company to use in Mokena, Il, for any heating and cooling needs that you may have. Here then, are their tips on keeping your home cool this summer.

AC Checkup

The first thing that you need to do is to give your AC a healthcare checkup and make sure that it is firing on all cylinders. Despite what else you do in the home to stay cool you will still need the AC and you need to ensure that it isn’t going to let you down. If you do have any concerns speak to the guys from Integrity and they will be able to help you out.


Most people have a lot of areas of leakage around the home and this can cause the hot air to pour in and that fresh cold air from the air conditioning unit to pour out. With this in mind then you need to get around all of your windows and doors and make sure that the frames around them are sealed. You can find out easily whether or not there is a leak simply by placing your hadn’t against the frame, if you feel air coming in, you have a leak which needs to be sealed.


Blocking the heat from coming in is also a good way to ensure that your home stays cold during the summer and you can do this by installing shaded windows, thick curtains or blinds, which will block the sunlight at the point of entry. If you do this in one room and leave the curtains open in another room that is on the same side of the house, you will see just how big a difference this can make.

Closing Doors

We often say to close the doors in the home in order to keep it warm and the same thing is true when you want to keep the place cold. If all of the doors are open then the air will circulate and mean that you end up heating the home up, if however you keep the doors closed, you can make sure that some rooms in the home remain cool.