Types Of Diesel Generators Used At Homes And Various Industries


There are many different types of diesel generators are used not only in homes but also in various industries due to its capability to generate a huge amount of power as compared to the other generators that use fuel like petrol. These generators are sturdy and can be put to rugged used. They can generate power from 1KVA to even 3000 KVA. They are also cheaper in terms of maintenance when compared to alternate forms of generating electricity. Now, let us look at few types of generators.


Air Cooled Generator

In this type of generator, the air is circulated to the metal fins and other parts of the generator with the help of an air-blowing or air-sucking mechanism. Houses or small establishments usually use this type of diesel generators. However, they are quite sturdy and hence used by even military. Since they do not have much complex mechanisms, they are easier to maintain than the complicated ones.

Liquid Cooled Generator

A liquid is used in this type of generator to cool the metal fins and other parts of the generator. This type of generator is usually used by big industries where they need to keep the generator running for longer duration or the power generation need is high, as air cooled generators may overheat due prolonged usage. These are much more expensive than the air-cooled generator and also cost more to maintain due to complex parts that run this machinery.

Single Phase and 3-phase Generator:

Without getting into technical jargons, let’s try to understand the difference between the two by looking at an analogy. A single phase generator is like one man pushing the car all the way uphill whereas a 3-phase generator is like three men pushing the car uphill – one at a time but in a relay. Hence naturally, three phase generators can produce more power and are more fuel efficient. However, single phase generators are more compact. A single phase generator is used for houses and small establishments where the need for power generation is not more than 1-20Kva. Whereas, a 3-phase generator is used in big industries where power demand is much higher or when you need a 3-phase power supply to run the 3-phase motors.

Standby Vs Prime Generator:

Prime generators are used when only the generator is used to generate electricity. On the other hand, standby generators are only used when the electricity is disrupted. Prime generator is used in construction sites or by big industries like Oil and gas where there is no other source of electricity available. Standby on the other hand, are not made to be run 24/7. Eventually, they will overheat, and they are required at places where the generator is only used as a backup option.

Buying a generator widely depends on its application. For instance, you cannot use a 3-phase liquid cooled generator for a house. Similarly, a single phase generator may be incapable of powering a big hotel or a manufacturing unit. These are just some of the types of diesel generators discussed here. It is best to consult a professional before you decide to pick one for your power generation needs.