5 Ways to “Pimp” Your Bathroom!

Sometimes, just installing some fresh pricier tile is the best way to pimp up your bathroom... photo by CC user living-rooms on Flickr

Does your current bathroom feel a bit too grotty for your tastes? Want to make this refuge from all the world’s troubles just a bit more welcoming? In this article, we will profile five ways to pimp up your bathroom, from the most easily doable action items to features that will make this space the luxurious hideaway that it should be.

1) Buy some luxury bathroom accessories

The simplest way to inject a little panache into your bathroom is to throw out the plastic crap from the dollar store that is currently organizing your personal maintenance and cleaning supplies.

In their place, spring for some fine stone accessories made from materials like marble, onyx and alabaster, which do everything from holding your tissues, trash and toothbrushes with an elegance you never imagined could be possible from such unassuming items.

2) Lay down heated tiles

In you live in a northern climate, there is nothing worse than walking into your bathroom on a winter’s day and being jolted by the chill of the tiles underfoot. This can be avoided by pulling up your current floor and threading electric heating elements beneath your stone tiles.

Ensure that you have an electrician and a tile installer work on this project with you, as it is easy for novices to make mistakes that could create a fire risk further down the road.

3) Install a steam shower

After having come back from your local day spa, your mind is still swimming in the pleasure you enjoyed as you basked in the luxury of their steam shower.

What if we told you that you could reproduce this pleasurable experience in your own bathroom for little more than a couple thousand dollars?

At this price point, we recommend the Insignia steam shower, which mixes a sleek modern design with proprietary technology that makes it one of the best models on the market.

4) Get a whirlpool tub

While most of us get clean and relax in showers in the course of our adult lives, some days can be especially brutal. When these times inevitably come, nothing assuages your nerves quite like a steaming hot bath. Since we’re in the process of pimpifying your bathroom though, a standard tub won’t suffice; it’s time to upgrade to a whirlpool.

Before you get too carried away by the romantic notions behind them, be sure to measure the spot where your tub is going to go, lest you end up with a unit that too big for your space. Consult a plumber and electrician before you pull the trigger too, as necessary retrofits may end up pushing the price tag to a level you never anticipated from the start.

5) Put in a gas fireplace (really!)

If money is truly no object when it comes to making your bathing space a pimp playground, you need to install the feature that every baller has or wants: a fireplace. Seriously. In parts of the world where it gets nippy at night, this feature won’t just keep you warm and feeling like the big rich successful person that you are, it is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Think of all the romantic bubble baths that you’ll have with your partner with this masterpiece in the background, and get busy saving. You don’t want this thing … you need it!