How to choose a stroller

Wondering how to choose a stroller? This article breaks it down for you...

Wondering how to choose a stroller? This article breaks it down for you…

Your first bundle of joy is well on its way, and with the nursery complete and ready to receive its first tenant, you are enjoying the feeling that comes with being ahead of the ball. However, you have only just begun to make the necessary preparations that you’ll need to make prior to the arrival of your first child.

For example, if you plan on leaving the house in the next three years, you are probably going to need a stroller. A quick trip to the baby section in your favorite department store has left you reeling – so much to choose from, and the price tags on some models are definitely not cheap.

With limited financial resources to deploy, it’s vital that you get the most value for every dollar that you spend on this vital piece of infant hardware. What aspects should you consider when you are figuring out how to choose a stroller? Our checklist covers all the important points that will ensure that you find the best possible fit for your child and your life.

Where will you be taking your baby in your stroller?

While you will certainly be leaving the house with your baby/toddler at some point in the first few years of its life, where you go after waltzing out the front door will greatly influence the stroller you should choose.

Jogging strollers will be ideal for moms that are looking to balance their need to stay in shape with taking care of Junior, while those that love to travel will want to get an umbrella stroller, as it stows away in your car or in an airplane hold with ease.

Do you have twins (or triplets)?

If you do, don’t get two (or three) strollers: get a specially designed rig that will allow you to carry them together in one unit. Also, if you already have a toddler with a new addition due to arrive soon, a twin stroller will also make sense instead of prematurely kicking your first born out of their ride.

Does it have all the important safety features that current strollers should have?

When it comes to kids, safety is a non-negotiable feature when it comes to anything you do with them, or anything you buy for them. Put any stroller you are considering through its paces, testing its stability at high speeds and awkward loading, see if the safety belt has a five point harness, and feel around for sharp edges and pinch points that could cause a serious boo-boo for your little girl/boy.

What features will be useful to you, and which are nothing more than bells and whistles?

Strollers range from bare bones models that merely serve as a vehicle to get your little one from point A to point B, to ultra cutting edge models with dozens of functions that you may never use. Two key features you should look for is storage space for diaper bags, toys, your smartphone, etc, and the ability to fold down and up with relative ease.

Don’t be afraid to have more than one stroller

Despite what some sales pitches may have you believe, there is no one stroller that will perform smoothly in all situations. That jogging stroller may perform admirably out on the trail, but taking it on holiday with you will be nothing less than a royal pain in the butt.

As such, purchasing a second stroller for separate situations like travel (umbrella stroller) will prevent you from adding challenges to various other aspects of your life.