5 Tips for Keeping Your Family Comfy This Winter


Are you ready for all that winter is likely to throw at you in cold regions of Canada or the United States?

For those families (and individuals too) not looking forward to several months of winter, other than heading south as a snowbird, the reality is you deal with the cold and snow.

That said Old Man Winter’s wrath doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be frozen for several months, with no hopes of thawing out until spring.

From making sure your heat pump works to checking the doors and windows for any possible cracks and/or insulation gaps, there are steps (see more below) you can take to stay comfy.

So, have you looked at your list and checked it twice when it comes to getting through winter?

Warm up to a Better Season

So that you can enjoy a better winter this time around, remember the following:

  1. Heating – First and foremost, keeping your home or apartment comfortable when the winter chill arrives is your top priority. By working with a local air conditioning company, you can make sure your heat pump is properly working, just as you would want your air conditioning firing on all cylinders in the summertime. In trying to find the best air conditioner company to meet your needs, do some shopping around. Like many other products and/or services you purchase, getting different opinions on what you need and what it ultimately cost is best;
  1. Protection – As mentioned a moment ago, it is important that you cover all your bases, including making sure your windows and doors are properly insulated. For example, even the slightest of cracks and/or openings in doorways, windows etc. can lead to heat escaping the home. When this happens, you might as well open the door/s or window/s and toss money outside. With proper insulation, you will keep the heat in and the cold air out;
  1. Sunshine – Are you ready to let the sun shine this winter? If so, make sure your entire home gets as much sun as possible. One of the best ways to go about this is by letting lots of light in. Once you’re up in the morning and the sun is shining bright, open up drapes and curtains, along with keeping blinds wide open. This will allow each room to heat up to a certain point, something you will feel as you spend time in a particular room. Don’t be surprised if a pet or pets locate a comfy spot on the floor, sunning themselves as morning turns into afternoon.

Do You Really Need to Go Outside?

  1. Choices – Deciding when it may be prudent to scurry outside when the weather turns quite cold can prove challenging. Unless you positively have to go out for work, school, errands etc. don’t. By staying inside (preferably by a nice fireplace), you can stay nice and comfortable most of the day;
  1. Vacation – Finally, as nice as you may think it is inside your home or apartment, you may ultimately need a family vacation. And where might that vacation take you? For many snowbirds in Canada and the northern U.S., this means heading to places such as Southern California, Florida, and Phoenix etc. Outside the United States, those looking to escape winter for a period of time may head to South America, Australia, and Central America etc. If you are worried about the prices of such an excursion, take note that planning your trip well in advance will help lower such costs. Not only will you have a cheaper vacation, but all the stress of planning it will be gone as it inches closer.

Winter doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom, especially if you are smart about how to handle it. From meeting your heating needs to getting away for a warm vacation on occasion, you and your family can stay comfy this winter.