Home Security: Then and Now

Interested in home security? If so, you’ve probably started the research needed to determine if first, home security is even the right choice for you. If you’ve decided that it is, you’ll want to look into services like Guardian Protection Products where you’ll find a number of different home security options to choose from, all installed for you. Looking back into time, however, you’ll find that home installation was not always the case. In fact, over the decades, home security measures have changed dramatically.


What did home security used to look like?

Before the time of alarms, home security presented itself as a more primitive measure. Generally speaking, home protection was provided by the way of guns and knives used by the owners themselves. In addition, owners used protection and guard dogs and high fences to deter individuals from crossing onto their property. Though in some parts, especially out in rural areas, you’ll still find these measures used today, most people have opted for more modern measures.

What is home security today?

In today’s world, home security circles around the use of alarm systems, cameras and motion detection services. Most people who use modern home security invest in either one alarm or a system of alarms placed at the various entrances of their home. Generally, these alarms have a code of some sort that needs to be imputed into the system once you’ve entered the house. If this code isn’t put in property, or in time, the alarm notifies the security company. That company will then call you. If for some reason you are not able to pick up your phone, then the company calls your local police station.

When researching motion detectors, you’ll find that they are detection systems that are based off of movement rather than sound. How these systems work is actually quite simple. When a person or animal of some sort walks past the motion detector, that individual will end up tripping an alarm, therefore making a loud series of sounds meant to wake you up and alert you to any possible danger. These are generally placed within the house. If they were placed outside the house, you’d be very likely to hear your alarm go off on a regular basis as some of these are extremely sensitive and even the smallest of creatures could set them off.

Should you get home security?

If you feel that you live in an area where crime is prevalent, or if you sleep better knowing that your home is protected, then getting a home security system is your best bet. Also, if you have young children in the house, you might find that purchasing a system will help the entire family to sleep better at night. Though some feel that having a household dog is enough, for others a dog doesn’t quite cut it.

As you can see from above, there are several different types of modern home security and that these modern options vary widely from those used in the past.