Coupons for Good: 5 Essentials for Your Daughter’s Care Package

Looking for ideas to remind your daughter that she is loved and cared for? College kids don’t always like to admit how homesick they get, but a care package reminds them that they’re not forgotten. Here are some ideas to send a mother’s love to your daughter when she’s far away.

Fit ‘n Fabulous


Image via Flickr by CollegeDegrees360

If your daughter is battling the “freshman fifteen,” she may not appreciate a box full of cookies and fudge. Instead, pack up a cute new fitness tank, headband, and water bottle in matching colors, along with a new set of earbuds and an armband to hold her phone. Tuck in some protein bars, trail mix, and add something specific to her favorite sport or activity to make it personal.

Movie Night in a Box

Load up a box with her favorite DVDs plus a few new ones (or a card with the login for your Netflix account). Add a cozy throw and some warm pajamas for comfort. Fill the box the rest of the way with movie snacks: microwave popcorn, Goobers, Raisinets, and whatever homemade treats you’d be sharing on movie night at home. Pack enough to share so she can invite her crew over and have a movie party.

Stress-Busting Spa Sampler

College is stressful. If your daughter loves to unwind with home beauty treatments, she’ll be thrilled to open a box full of spa goodies. Most dorms don’t allow candles or have bathtubs, so you’ll need to get creative. Include a facial mask, a deep-conditioning treatment, fragranced body wash and moisturizer. Pro Tip: Shop on Bath and Body Works’ Goodshops page or use its Coupons For Good Facebook page to save money and donate to charity at the same time.

Beauty Bundle

Is your daughter a makeup junkie? You’re in luck. Sephora also offers a Goodshops coupon page and Facebook deals page, so you can make donations and grab deals on the latest cosmetics at the same time. It’s hard to select makeup colors for someone else, so look for palettes and little collections of trial-sized items instead. One of the best gifts at Sephora is a fragrance sampler that lets her try out a collection of scents and then cash in a certificate for a full-size bottle of her favorite.

The Retro Toy Box

If your daughter isn’t the makeup or spa type, put together a box of her favorite playthings from childhood. The smell of crayons or playdough will instantly take her back to a simpler time. Bundle toys that have the right blend of childhood sweetness and retro chic in a pretty basket so she can set them out and let her friends enjoy them too. A yo-yo, a Slinky, some small Nerf guns, and other indoor playthings will make her dorm room a fun place for friends to hang out.

It’s the thought that counts, of course. No matter what’s inside the box, she’ll know you’re thinking of her and want her to be happy, and that’s what matters.