Dress Up Your Balcony With These Indoor Plants

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality- Earl Nightingale

A personal balcony garden can ensure that you can enjoy the blessings of nature whenever you want. And, if you are blessed with a balcony (where you live!), Then it is not just a small place to have coffee in the fresh air. – It is also a good place to grow plants and flowers. Here are the top 5 plants that you can keep in your balcony. You do not need a big balcony or terrace; all you need is a little space inside your home for these useful and beautiful plants. So, read ahead and choose the best plant to dress up your balcony.

Aloe Vera

If you do not already have this multi-tasker in your home, we seriously suggest that you get one asap. Aloe vera reduces depression and improves memory and it is a great skin healer. The best place to keep this plant is a bright and sunny window. Aloe plants don’t like to be wet and cold all the time, instead they tend to be dry and warm. So water only when you see the soil is dry.

Areca Palm

Its common names are golden cane or butterfly palm. It is an easy growing ornamental plant that can be used to cover a blank wall, the side of a house, or a garage. It is a boon to have Ereka Pam in your house. On scorching summer days, this plant will help keep your home temperature cool as it emits large amounts of water vapor.

Money plant

It is commonly known as the Golden Pothos. It is a low maintenance, easy growing plant. One of the best things about the money plant is that it can withstand extreme neglect. It can go weeks without water and you can also put it in water in the vase. A balcony can be decorated with a money plant as it grows quite well horizontally or around the rail. Apart from giving a great look to your balcony, a money plant is one of the best NASA recommended air purifying plants.


Commonly known as tulsi, growing this plant is a no-brainer. Thriving even after minimal maintenance, the plant has many medicinal properties. It is found in almost every house. The leaves are famously used as a herbal tea drink The Indian variety of Tulsi is widely known for its medicinal benefits and immune boosting.

Bougainvillaea Plant

It is an ideal plant for a bright and colorful balcony. It can either be grown in containers or can be stacked around a trellis or grill or any rods. It adds freshness with its vibrant colors. Bougainvillaea plants can be grown throughout the year. It is drought-tolerant and wind-resistant.

So, these were some amazing house plants to dress up your balcony. It’s time to find which plant is perfect for your balcony. You will get any of these online from a reputed online nursery. Just visit online and find what you like. Happy Planting!