Give Mom the Jewels She’s Always Wanted

Give Mom the Jewels She’s Always Wanted this year

Photo by CC user Mauro Cateb on Wikimedia Commons

Even though Mother’s Day recently passed, that’s no reason you can’t shower mom with gifts the rest of the year.

For those mothers without kids, there is also no reason you can’t treat yourself from time to time with some great jewelry accessories.

Last and certainly not least, men, do you give your special ladies the jewelry that she loves? If not, maybe it is time to start spending a little more time on the jewelry trail.

Yes, some kids (and others for that matter) may hesitate at spending money on jewelry, but there are some great buys out there if you know where to look.

So, are you ready to give mom the jewels she’s always wanted?

Where to Look?

So that you can find the best jewelry items at the best prices, remember these tips:

  • Do your homework – For starters, know where to look for some of the nicest jewelry pieces at the nicest prices. Along with going to jewelry stores like a jeweler in Las Vegas in-person, you can also opt for the Internet. Before you go to the Internet (see more below), however, visit different stores to see what they have to offer. You can also get a good feel for their customer service, seeing how they treat people. If you get that one-on-one personal attention, then you might very well have found your ideal jeweler. If you feel more like a number, it isn’t a bad idea to look elsewhere;

  • Time of the year – Certain times of the year prove undoubtedly busy for jewelers. Times such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc. are going to see upticks in jewelry shopping and ultimately sales. With that in mind, try and avoid any last-minute trips to the jewelry store on Christmas Eve or the morning of Valentine’s Day for obvious reasons, notably the stress it will provide you with. If that special mom in your life has an upcoming birthday or wedding anniversary, don’t wait until the last minute to do your shopping. By getting it done in plenty of time, you have backup options in the event the first choice or choices you want are not available and/or not on sale at that time;

  • Get to know the store – If you find a jewelry store you like, latch on to it for years to come. In return, you are more likely to get not only stellar service, but some pricing deals from time-to-time. When staff recognizes a face and get to know people on a first-name business, it tends to lead to better customer service and a better appreciation of the business over time. Lastly, turn to family, friends and co-workers to see where they find their jewelry at. A simple word-of-mouth recommendation could very easily lead to some nice items at some nice prices;

  • Turn to the worldwide web – Using the Internet for shopping needs is becoming more and more the go-to place for many consumers these days. While some stores are likely to feel threatened by this, they can also get a piece of the Internet pie, having online stores on their websites. For those consumers choosing not to venture out to jewelry stores, using the stores’ online websites can save time and usually some money (at least as far as gas bills etc.) Another nice thing about the web is consumers have more time to study the different jewelry pieces of interest, instead of having to sometimes make a snap-decision inside a store.


If the time is now to give mom some jewelry that she’s always wanted, do your research and see what store or stores best suit your needs.

From there, take some time to visit them and get to know the sales personnel.

The more time you put towards seeing what item or items will make mom the happiest, the better you’ll feel about the buying process when all is said and done.

In the end, given all the time and effort moms put into raising their families, keeping everyone happy and healthy, and ultimately turning kids into adults to one day have their own families, give her the jewelry that will put a smile on her face.