Girish Navani on Career and Motherhood

The world has very much changed in the last 30 years in terms of cultural attitudes towards women. Gone are the days of the women raising the kids and keeping the house whilst the husband went out to work and these days the roles which we have as men and women have changed dramatically. What this has bred is a generation of remarkable women who are able to hold down professional careers and still be very present and very giving mothers. My good friend Girish Navani is this type of woman, she is a highly successful lawyer and she is also the proud mother to her two boys. To understand just how these women do it, here is how Girish makes sure that she can juggle both lifestyles.

Rules in Place

As soon as the kids came along Girish knew that she would have to work hard on making sure that she was able to give enough time to both being a mother and being a professional. This is why she put rules place early on which would enable her to live up to the expectations and requirements of both. The rules have changed over the years of course but to give you an idea, she currently makes sure that she always takes the kids to school and that every weekend is family time only. Half of the battle was to put these rules in place, the other half is to live up to them, which Girish Navani has done.

Great Support

I think that Girish is a brilliant woman and yet she will often downplay this and mention the wonderful support which she can always count on. Both her husband and her management team at work are incredibly supportive and make sure that they do all that they can to make her life easier. She is blessed ever so slightly as her partner works from home, which means that he can be on hand whenever it is needed. The key here which she often alludes to is partnership and teamwork, without it she says that she could never lead the lifestyle that she does.

Time For Her

Girish always makes time for herself and whilst on the face of it that may sound slightly selfish, her reasoning for doing so makes perfect sense. If she was to go home directly after a tough day from work, she wouldn’t be able to give the best of herself to the kids. This is why she will often spend a quick hour in her leisure center where she is able to relax and unwind, before heading home to see the family. It is true that you cannot give the best version if yourself to others unless you are in good shape, which is why she puts a lot of importance on her own wellbeing.

Could you manage a professional career and be a parent? Are you already doing it? Let us know in the comments section below.