Did He Buy the Right Engagement Ring?

 Engagement Ring

Engagements are one of the biggest days in the life of a woman, so guys oftentimes will go out of their way to make sure they get it right.

That being the case, more and more men want to have their significant other along with them to check out rings, seeing which one suits her fancy. If they’re buying the engagement ring online, it is even more important to review not only the rings available, but also each jeweler you consider doing business with.

For those guys looking at engagement rings, letting your special woman in on what you’re doing is certainly not a bad idea, especially given the alternative of her not ending up liking the ring.

So, the question that will oftentimes come up is did he buy the right engagement ring?

 Taking Time to Get it Right

In order to get the purchase correct the first time around, keep a few pointers in mind as you look to answer 5 common questions when buying an engagement ring.

Among them:

  • Is this jeweler reliable? – No one wants to get taken for a ride when it comes to their money, especially when it comes to a rather expensive purchase. The best way to make sure you’re dealing with an authentic jeweler that has the experience to deliver on what it says it will is doing your homework. An engagement ring is a major milestone in one’s relationship, so giving her the ring that she cherishes for years to come is your goal. Research each and every jeweler you consider doing business with, making sure they have a track record of delivering the goods;
  • Will the ring pass the test? – Knowing you are getting a reliable piece of jewelry (and not something that is used and/or a fake) is critical. If you are making the ring purchase online, this proves even more important. As mentioned a moment ago, doing your homework on each and every jeweler you consider doing business with is not to be taken for granted. Review their customer service record, looking to see if they have a track record of meeting customer needs or not. While it should be taken in context, go online to see what kind of feedback other consumers are giving about each jeweler and their rings. Are they critical of not only the rings, but also the customer service they received? On the flip side, do the rings meet all the requirements of couples, including being made of only the finest materials? Doing the necessary research will only end up helping you when all is said and done;
  • Will the ring be ready when needed? – Whether you opt to buy a ring in-person or through the mail, getting the ring when you need it is critical. The last thing you want is having the big presentation day all planned out, only to not have the most important piece of hardware ready. Hold any jeweler you decide to do business with to their word. If they say they will deliver on a set date, make sure they do it;
  • Can the ring be returned if necessary? – Although you hate the idea of having to return an engagement ring, make sure any jeweler you do business with allows this option. Whether she tries it on in-person or you make a purchase online, one never truly knows how the ring will feel until wearing it several days in a row. Most jewelers will at least offer you a 30-day money back guarantee to decide if it is the right fit or not;
  • Should I consult her friends and family? – Lastly, as important as your soon-to-be-wife’s opinion is on her engagement ring, she may not give you all the details you truly need. If that is the case, lean on her family and/or friends for what she might like. In most cases, they know her as well as you do (perhaps even better). Getting all the input you can certainly does not hurt in such an important part of her life.

Whether or not you shop alone or together for an engagement ring, be sure to invest the time and effort into buying the right item the first time around.