Energy Saving Ideas For Your Granny Flat

One of the reasons why granny flats have grown so much in popularity is that they have been caught up with the tiny house trend of minimalist living. This has been widely taken up by many who believe firmly in their responsibility to live a greener lifestyle. Granny flats of course were born from the idea of bringing in elderly relatives to live close to the family, yet over the years they have become popular for other reasons.

Granny flat trends come and go but this idea of clean and minimal living has remained. With this mind, it makes perfect sense to ensure a clear focus on saving energy in the home. Read the following tips below:

Big Windows

When it comes to granny flats, Victoria was one of the first states to really embrace this way of living, and there are a wide range of designs here. Almost all of the granny flat designs which you will see, feature large windows which bring in huge amounts of natural light. This natural light provides a number of benefits. Not only do large windows give the feeling of more space, they also harness the heat of the sun to warm granny flats, as well as bring in large amounts of natural light. This helps to save on lighting and heating costs in the property.

Using Timers

Using timers on electrical appliances is the ideal way to greatly reduce the amount of energy used inside the granny flat. It sounds so incredibly simple that saving on power is to use less of it, yet so many of us use power without even being aware of it. Using timers on many of the gadgets and electrical appliances in the home will ensure that you are able to maximize how much you are able to save inside the granny flat. The timers will be a small investment which will pay for themselves in no time at all.

Cooking Old School

One of the best ways to make a granny flat feel bigger is to seamlessly combine it with the outside, through the construction of a deck, a patio or an awning. Given the great weather which so many of us count on, cooking on the BBQ is a great way to prepare food. Not only this, but you will be able to save a lot on gas and electricity usage. The cost of buying coal for the grill, pales in comparison to spending money on energy to cook.


Finally, saving energy in granny flats is about being conscious of how you are living. It is about showering for less time, turning things off when they aren’t in use and monitoring the energy usage when the bill comes in. Being conscious is the best way to save energy in the property.

There are also a host of new ideas consistently being brought out to help individuals leave a greener lifestyle. Be sure to keep an eye out for new tips and trends to maximise your energy efficiency.